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It may have leather seats, a bumpin' sound system, a monster engine and a killer paint job, but your car is just a great big paperweight if the starter doesn't work when you turn the key.

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If you need ignition system repair, the experts at Nate Wade Subaru can help. Just swing by our service center to have one of our talented technicians take a closer look at your car. Below, we'll explain what could've gone wrong in your vehicle's ignition, and how we'll get it fixed -- so your car can get back to where it belongs: on the road helping you live your life.

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Reasons Your Car Won't Start

When you turn the key in your car, a signal is sent to the starter, which is a small motor that engages the engine's flywheel. It spins the flywheel, getting the engine turning so that it can begin the combustion cycle and start running under its own power. This process can break down if the starter motor has worn out, the starter solenoid has failed, or if the battery isn't storing enough power to run the starter.

Furthermore, if the starter is working, but there's a lack of fuel or air getting to the engine, the vehicle may crank, but not ultimately start. You may need a repair to the fuel pump, fuel pressure sensor or other related components.

When You Should Visit The Nate Wade Subaru Service Center For Ignition Repair

Of course, common sense tells you to visit our service center if your car simply won't start, or if it takes multiple attempts to start your car. If the battery, starter and fuel systems are all working well, your car should start up quickly every time.

One more indicator that you should visit the Subaru service center? A battery warning light. If your car's battery is on its last legs, it may eventually fail to provide enough charge to run the starter and get the engine running under its own power. If you see a battery warning light, head to the Nate Wade Subaru service department. We can perform a battery health test to find out if you're in need of a new one.

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Contact The Nate Wade Subaru Service Center

When you need service on your car, we make it fast and easy at Nate Wade Subaru. You can visit anytime without an appointment and get Express Service whenever you need routine maintenance basics like an oil change, tire rotation, new battery installation and more. Or, when you need a more involved repair, schedule your visit in advance using our online scheduler. Then, we'll get you back on the road as soon as possible. At Nate Wade Subaru, we understand your life doesn't stop just because your car is in the shop. That's why we give you the most convenient service experience possible.

What Makes Us A Great Place To Do Business At Nate Wade Subaru

Unlike neighborhood mechanics, the factory-trained team at Nate Wade Subaru has the training, tools and original parts necessary to take the best possible care of your car. Our technicians receive their training direct from Subaru, and we get all our OEM parts from the Subaru factory. That means you'll get a perfect fit every time, with parts installed by experts who know Subaru engineering better than anyone else in Salt Lake City. The other guys can't say that....

Find out what regularly scheduled maintenance your Subaru needs using our handy maintenance schedule lookup tool. Then, browse our service specials and parts specials before you arrive, to see how much more you can save! Nate Wade Subaru provides a more convenient, more affordable auto maintenance experience.

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