The 2024 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award

We are honored to be nationally recognized by Subaru of America, Inc. for our dedication to our customers, our community, and the Subaru Love Promise.

The 2024 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award recognizes elite Subaru retailer who provide an exceptional customer experience at every interaction with Subaru. These retailers have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in their local communities in important areas such as environment, community, health, education, and pets.

Here at Nate Wade Subaru, we love our community as much as we love our vehicles and are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of all of our customers and neighbors.


What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

We'd love to hear from you.

Did Nate Wade Subaru go above and beyond, provide exceptional service, or support causes that are important to you? We'd love to hear about it.



In a perfect world, hunger would be history and hope would be commonplace. We believe a perfect world is possible.

In 2020, Subaru and its retailers made a donation to Feeding America to provide 50 million meals to help feed people in need during the COVID-19 crisis,* making meals available at 199 local food banks across the country.

*$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.



Subaru and our retailers are committed to protecting and preserving the Earth, not just by our words, but also by our actions.

More than 13 million pieces of hard-to-recycle waste collected and recycled through TerraCycle®.



Subaru believes we all should have a chance to lead a healthy life. That's why Subaru and its retailers, like us, partner with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) and their local hospital or cancer treatment center to give warm blankets and encouraging messages of hope, written by retailers and Subaru customers in their stores, to support patients facing cancer. Through our partnership with LLS, we've supported nearly 350,000 cancer patients nationwide. We're proud to be LLS's largest automotive donor.



Subaru and its retailers, like us, are continuing our support of education and high-needs schools in our communities through Subaru Loves Learning(R) by providing teachers across the country with funding to purchase the school supplies and resources they know are needed to help students thrive in the classroom. Through our partnership with, Subaru and its retailers will have supported more than 470,000 students nationwide and are proud to be their largest corporate supporter.



Subaru believes all pets deserve a loving home. That's why Subaru and its retailers, like us, partner with a local animal shelter every October to provide direct financial assistance and host adoption events to help animals find loving homes. Through our partnership with local and national organizations, we have donated over $51 million, which has supported the adoption, rescue, transport, and health of over 420,000 animals. We're proud to be the largest corporate donor to the ASPCA.


The Subaru Share the Love® Event

Subaru and its retailers believe in giving back to our communities. That's why for every new vehicle sold or leased during the Subaru Share the Love event, Subaru and its retailers, like us, makes a donation to national charities that our owners care about and to over 2,100 local charities where Subaru owners live and work.

Now, after 15 years, Subaru and our retailers have donated over $256 million to charity all to give back and to make the world a better place.

The Subaru Share the Love<sup>®</sup> Event

How is Nate Wade Subaru dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Care that goes beyond the retailer. The Subaru Love Promise is our way of caring for our community and making the world a better place.

  • Nuzzles & Co.
  • Circles Salt Lake
  • North Star Elementary School
  • National Park Foundation
  • Huntsman Cancer Institute

Love Promise Stories from Nate Wade Subaru

Subaru and Nate Wade Subaru believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here.

Nate Wade Subaru Grants Wishes!

For the past 8 years, Nate Wade Subaru has partnered with Make A Wish Utah for an annual Wish Proclamation Event. A special event to give wish kids and their families a break from hospitals and doctor appointments, to instead be celebrated and have some fun! This year, Nate Wade Subaru's Wish Kid was Cohen, who was diagnosed with Leukemia two years ago and has wished to go snorkeling on a tropical beach. We learned that Cohen loves the color purple, cooking, is obsessed with reptiles, and loves his big family! We wanted to create a special day at the dealership for Cohen and his entire family! One of Nate Wade's employees brought in their custom purple car for Cohen to check out. Then, we had the Home Lab come in and teach Cohen and his siblings how to make their own french fries and dipping sauces! We finished the day off with a Hawaiian BBQ and an awesome reptile show from Scales and Tails Utah! After an afternoon full of fun, we invited Cohen up to read his wish proclamation and surprise him with the news that he would be going snorkeling on the tropical beaches of Hawaii. It is always an unforgettable moment to watch these kids receive their wish. After going through medical issues that take away a lot of their childhood, being part of these Wish Proclamations is always a highlight for Nate Wade Subaru employees. We were also able to present a check to Make a Wish Utah for $30,000 from the Subaru Share the Love Event. Over the last 8+ years, Nate Wade Subaru has donated over $200,000 to Make a Wish Utah. That is over 40 wishes granted for our local community children!

Making a difference, one paw at a time!

Nate Wade Subaru and Nuzzles and Co. collaborated to host a new event: the Pet Pantry. Over the span of six weeks, the community rallied together, generously donating bags of pet food to support furry companions in need. At the end of the six weeks, over 1,200 pounds of pet food had been donated along with treats, cat litter, and fun toys! Finally, as the culmination of their efforts, we hosted a drive thru Pet Pantry where people in need were able to have their cars loaded up with food and other necessities to keep their pets happy and healthy. With smiles and lots of helping hands, volunteers distributed the collected pet food to grateful pet owners, ensuring that no furry friend would go hungry. Tails wagged, and hearts swelled with gratitude as the community came together to make a difference, one paw at a time.

Operation Warm our Hearts

Nate Wade Subaru recently partnered with Operation Warm to host a heartwarming event at CIRCLES, a local organization helping to end poverty. With compassion at the forefront, the dealership transformed into a beacon of hope, welcoming those that participate in the Circles program with open arms. Amidst a cozy atmosphere, attendees were treated not only to a delicious dinner but also to a generous distribution of winter clothes and shoes, ensuring warmth and comfort during the colder months ahead. Nate Wade Subaru was able to give out 150 winter jackets and shoes to people of all ages, ensuring these families have warm clothes. Volunteers and staff members alike radiated warmth and kindness, creating a sense of unity and solidarity. Through this event, Nate Wade Subaru demonstrated its unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, one act of kindness at a time.

Kurt Bestor and the Utah Honor Flight Veterans

Nate Wade Subaru, known for its unwavering commitment to community enrichment, has once again demonstrated its dedication to supporting local heroes. This time, the dealership has gone above and beyond by providing tickets to the highly anticipated Kurt Bestor Christmas Concert for Utah Honor Flight Veterans. Recognizing the sacrifices made by these veterans, Nate Wade Subaru wanted to offer them a festive and memorable experience during the holiday season. Nate Wade Subaru hosted a special reception for the veterans to gather before the concert, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the veterans to connect, share stories, and enjoy the holiday spirit together. This thoughtful gesture by Nate Wade Subaru reflects not only a commitment to supporting local events but also a deep appreciation for those who have served our country, ensuring that they are honored and celebrated during the joyous festivities of the Christmas season.

Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America, a poignant annual event, unites communities in honoring and remembering the sacrifices of military veterans by adorning their graves with wreaths during the holiday season. In a heartwarming collaboration, Nate Wade Subaru, a local dealership, has become a beacon of support for this noble cause. Demonstrating a commitment to community service, Nate Wade Subaru not only provides financial backing but actively engages its staff in the initiative. Their involvement extends beyond monetary support; the dealership's team actively participates in the wreath-laying ceremonies, fostering a sense of unity and gratitude within the community. Through this partnership, Nate Wade Subaru exemplifies the power of local businesses making a meaningful impact, ensuring that the memory of veterans lives on through the symbol of a wreath and the collective spirit of a caring community.

Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America is a non-profit organization that honors and remembers fallen veterans by laying wreaths on their graves during the holiday season. Nate Wade Subaru has shown commendable support by sponsoring this heartfelt initiative at a community level. Through their sponsorship, Nate Wade Subaru contributes to the mission of Wreaths Across America, ensuring that the graves of veterans in the local area are adorned with wreaths as a symbol of remembrance and gratitude for their service. This year, we were able to lay 2,400 wreaths on graves of military members at Salt Lake City Cemetery. This partnership not only reflects the spirit of community engagement but also emphasizes the importance of honoring the sacrifices made by veterans, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation at the local level.

Nate Wade Subaru Flies 75 Veterans to Washington D.C with the Utah Honor Flight

My name is Stephanie Harmon, I am the Director of the Utah Honor Flight. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Nate Wade Subaru for the continued support over the years. Nate Wade Subaru has now flown five flights of Veterans to Washington D.C and donated over $250,000 to make these flights possible. I wanted to share a few stories with you from some of our Veterans and guardians because their words express things I am not able to. From guardians: John's wife passed away last July, and the idea of living life without her is a daily struggle. He has been bitter about his treatment as a Vietnam vet his whole life, even more so as his own health has deteriorated from agent orange exposure in recent years. This trip with Honor Flight was a HUGE lift for him, I couldn't yell you who cried more. I took John to breakfast the next morning after we got home, for the first time ever he was wearing a Vietnam vet hat..the idea of doing so was so alien to him...he was greeted by numerous vets and one guest offered to pick up his bill, John has been in awe for days. Tears in his eyes, he said for the first time in 54 years he feels whole again. THANK YOU all so much for all you do, this is life changing particularly for these Vietnam vets who were really treated horribly for so long. I wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work with the Honor Flights. Thank you so much for taking such great care of my father, Gail Atkinson. He holds you in the highest regards. He had told all of his family of the great care that you gave him. He was very nervous but excited to go. Your help made him feel comfortable during the whole trip. We will be forever grateful. ❤️ From Veterans: Thank you so much for the wonderful experience you and your team of volunteers provided for us veterans, you were all so well organized and thoughtful about our welfare and making sure we all had a good time. It was a wonderful reminder to me about the sacredness of the founding of this great nation. Also a special remembrance of the courage and faith of the Founding Fathers of these United States of America. I am proud of my service in the US Navy, and also grateful that you all honored us in such a wonderful way. The Honor Flight was a very sacred experience for me, and one that I will remember for the rest of my mortal life. It also provided me the special opportunity to spend that “one on one” time with my sweet daughter Dixie who helped me all along the way. My heart was touched, I will be forever thankful for this amazing experience! With much appreciation. Once again, the Utah Honor Flight is so appreciative of not only the funds that help get our Veterans to their memorials but the volunteers you send... they have always been more than willing to jump right in and help us and especially help our Veterans and interact with them to make their trip even more special. It really shows when a company puts not only money but also time into volunteering and we appreciate it so much!

Nate Wade Subaru Teams Up With Fear Factory Haunted House to Grow Education Opportunities

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the Nate Wade Subaru team for their incredible partnership with us at Fear Factory Haunted Attraction. While we would completely agree with most of the world that it seems strange, that a world-class, haunted attraction and a Subaru dealership would combine forces, but the outcome is anything but strange. This year we've hosted over 150 youth, who all spent an average of 1.4 hours on our property, learning everything from business, finance, lighting, masks and makeup, FX Shop, fabrication, welding, animatronics, sound engineering, or just general overall business operations. As we've talked about, this simply cannot be fulfilled without the help of a sponsor, and we couldn't think of a better one than Nate Wade Subaru. For the last five years, they have been a catalyst in how we have educated over 1,000 youth in no just our operation, or the anti-bullying programs we've collaborated on, but also ways to better our community overall. We are pleased with our outcome, this partnership, and hope it continues for years to come. The responses from the schools are overwhelming, and the students are incredibly grateful for what they learn, and for the backstage access tour which is never granted to the general public. With Halloween now over the $8 billion consumer index spending mark, we are proud to be one of the top attractions in the world that continues to wave the Halloween flag high, and inspire others to be creative and to follow their dreams. Our goal, in the end, is the same as Subaru: sharing the love and passion that we have for an industry that continues to inspire and impact others. Thank you for helping us pave the way for the youth of our community.

Nate Wade Subaru Serves Local YWCA

The employees of Nate Wade Subaru exemplified their dedication to community service by undertaking a transformative project on the grounds of the Utah YWCA. Their collective commitment to making a meaningful impact was evident as they began by diligently pulling weeds that had overgrown the YWCA's garden area. Armed with shovels, they revitalized the landscape, ensuring a clean and inviting environment for the individuals and families who seek refuge at the YWCA. In addition to garden restoration, the Nate Wade Subaru team further enhanced the outdoor space by planting a variety of vibrant plants and flowers, injecting color and life into the area. Their hard work and enthusiasm breathed new life into the outdoor surroundings, providing a beautiful and therapeutic environment for those in need. This service project at the Utah YWCA not only showcased the generosity and compassion of the Nate Wade Subaru team but also underscored the vital role that local businesses play in strengthening their communities. By dedicating their time and effort to improve the YWCA's grounds, these employees demonstrated that corporate responsibility goes beyond the bottom line. Their actions inspire others to get involved and make a tangible difference, reinforcing the notion that when individuals and businesses come together in service, they can create a brighter future for all.

Share the Love Helps Utah Honor Flight

Nate Wade Subaru was able to present a check to Utah Honor Flight for $32,575 from the 2022 Share the Love® Event. This money will go towards the Nate Wade Subaru sponsored Utah Honor Flight. This fall, Nate Wade Subaru will sponsor 75 local veterans to go on a flight to Washington, D.C., where they will be able to visit their war memorials and be honored for their sacrifices and service. We are told time and time again how healing and life-changing the Utah Honor Flights are for our veterans. It is something we feel very honored to be part of, and we are looking forward to our fifth sponsored flight in October. This check presentation was extra special because we had a World War II veteran and pearl Harbor Survivor, Ed Carrol, visiting the dealership. The Utah Honor Flight came into the dealership to help us with our Make a Wish® proclamation event. It was wonderful to have both our hometown charities together for such an important event.

Make-A-Wish® Kid Meets Pearl Harbor Survivor

Henry is an eleven-year-old Wish Kid who has a congenital heart disease. His wish is to go to Oahu, Hawaii, but not to visit the beaches or swim in the ocean. Henry dreams of visiting Pearl Harbor. Henry is a big history buff and probably knows more about history than most adults, with World War II being his favorite time period to study. Each year, Nate Wade Subaru hosts a Make-A-Wish® Proclamation for a Wish Kid. This year, we got to throw a proclamation party for Henry. Thanks to our close partnership with the Utah Honor Flight, we were able to connect with Ed Carrol, a World War II veteran and the only Pearl Harbor survivor in Utah. Ed made a 2-hour drive to meet and visit with Henry at our event. Mr. Carrol told Henry about waking up to the sounds of bombs on December 7, 1941. Miraculously, a camera was found on the beaches of Pearl Harbor, and Mr. Carrol has pictures from that day. Henry was able to look at pictures, hear about that day from Mr. Carrol himself, and ask whatever questions he had. It was an incredibly special moment for a very special eleven-year-old boy. Later that day, we found out that Mr. Carrol's daughter and caretaker had unexpectedly passed away just five days before our event. His daughter lived with him full time and died of a brain bleed. While dealing with his own grief over losing his daughter, Mr. Carrol was thinking of others. He called the Utah Honor Flight to let them know of the circumstances but that he wanted to meet Henry and share his story. He said, "If he could make a young boy happy, it would help make him feel happier," in his grief. But Henry's celebration wasn't over! We continued our event with catered sandwiches (Henry's favorite food) and an improv comedy show. Henry wishes to be a standup comedian when he grows up. The celebrations ended with us reading Henry's wish proclamation and telling him his wish to visit Pearl Harbor was coming true. Henry and his family will be traveling to Pear Harbor in July! Mike Terry, the General Manager of Nate Wade Subaru, also presented Make-A-Wish® Utah with a check for $33,658 from the Subaru Share the Love® Event. Nate Wade Subaru has donated over $150,000 to Make-A-Wish® Utah and granted over 40 wishes to wish kids in Utah!

Socks for the Homeless

There is not a day that goes by that a patient isn’t in need of a fresh pair of socks, and in reality, it isn’t just one patient but several dozen. Having the availability to easily offer socks is a relief to our medical staff as often patients arrive in wet and soiled socks and/or no shoes. Shoes can also be ill-fitting and worn and that clean and dry pair of socks isn’t just a basic necessity, but a literal life saver. Our Medical Outreach Street Team also takes socks with them every time they hit the streets. With our harsh winter weather, we know that dry and warm socks often is the difference between frost bite and the loss of toes and not. Socks can also be a used as an warm introduction to Fourth Street Clinic and our services for those on the street that are increasingly service resistant. They also have used socks as the incentive to get a COVID-19 or flu shot or to simply follow through on treatment. Fourth Street Clinic is truly grateful for the sock donation from Nate Wade Subaru as the need for socks never goes away. Nate Wade Subaru has been a wonderful partner over the last few years through Subaru Loves to Help. They have supported us in other fundraising efforts and events as well to help make a small dent in the never ending issue of homelessness in the city. Please know that your donation does make a huge impact for our patients.

Nuzzles and Co Finds Fur-Ever Home as Nate Wade Subaru's New Subaru Loves Pets® Partner

Nuzzles & Co is so honored to have been chosen as a Subaru Loves Pets partner by Nate Wade Subaru. To kick off our partnership, Nate Wade Subaru has generously donated a brand new 2023 Subaru Ascent to help Nuzzles & Co continue saving the lives of animals in need. This partnership will enable us to further our mission and help the animals who are most in need of love, care, and a forever home. From all of our staff, board members, volunteers, and Nuzzle Pals, thank you to the Nate Wade Subaru team for all that you’re doing to help us build a world where love wins! We look forward to all of the incredible work that we will do together! “All of us at Nate Wade Subaru are excited to partner with Nuzzles & Co., a Summit County non-profit that works to protect animals, provide a nurturing place for them to learn positive behaviors, and then find them loving homes. Nate Wade will provide vehicles to help transport Nuzzles & Co. staff and animals, and host adoption events both here at the dealership and at their facility in Park City. The Subaru Loves Pets initiative is incredibly important to us, and we look forward to helping more animals in Utah with this partnership."

Spreading Christmas Cheer

Kurt Bestor, a local Salt Lake City artist, has been performing Christmas concerts for 35 years. Nate Wade Subaru has been lucky enough to sponsor this concert for the last 5 years. Through this sponsorship, Kurt Bestor offers us the opportunity to have him perform one private concert for us. We have chosen to have this concert benefit the veterans of the Utah Honor Flight. It is a night of food, stories shared, and Christmas cheer. This year we had almost 100 veterans in attendance who were able to share their experiences from the Utah Honor Flight, many of that had been on the flight together. One veteran told us how he has suffered severe PTSD since returning home from Vietnam. He went on the Nate Wade Subaru-sponsored Honor Flight in September where he visited the Vietnam Wall. He told us that he found the names of three friends who had not survived the war, and he had brought trinkets to lay at the wall in their remembrance. He walked up a small hill and turned back to the wall and gave them one final salute and left. The peace that he instantly felt was life changing. Since returning home from the flight, he has not had any PTSD, has been able to talk about the war, and finally feels the closure he has so longed for. This is why we love doing our Christmas Veteran Concert. It allows us to talk to the veterans that go on our flights and to hear about their experience and how it has had a positive impact on their life. Good food and Christmas music always make for a fun evening with our veterans!

Pebbles - Make a Dogs Day

Through our partnership with Nate Wade Subaru, we hosted an adoption event throughout/during the month of October. We brought eight of pets to 1207 S Main Street, and by the end of the event, West Valley City Animal Services and Nate Wade Subaru helped three dogs find their perfect, loving home. Thanks to Carli from Nate Wade Subaru, we were able to meet and home those dogs. We also held a month-long event at West Valley Animal Shelter for all animals being sponsored by Nate Wade Subaru. Our underdog for that event was Pebbles. Pebbles had been with West Valley City Animal Shelter for four months. She was what we consider a “long timer.” Pebbles was a high energy dog that loves to play and loves water. She finally met her perfect match at the event held at Nate Wade Subaru on October 22, during the “make a dogs day” adoption event.

74 Veterans Fly to Washington D.C on Utah Honor Flight

The Utah Honor Flight's mission is to enable veterans to visit the war memorials built in their honor with respect and gratitude to their service and sacrifice. Nate Wade Subaru was honored to sponsor the 40th mission of the Utah Honor Flight to send 74 World War II, Korea, and Vietnam Veterans to Washington D.C. this September. The Honor Flight is a non-profit organization that allows veterans to go on this experience at no cost to themselves. Thank you to Nate Wade Subaru's donation of $50,000 that made this flight possible. We have worked with Nate Wade Subaru since 2017, this was the fourth flight they have sponsored and we are grateful for their partnership. The Honor Flight is truly a life-changing experience for these veterans. Many have never discussed the war with loved ones, many never received a hero's welcome home, and many left friends behind that they still miss dearly. Through this two-day experience, these veterans are shown how much people appreciate the service and sacrifices they made years ago. As you walk through the airport, the veterans are greeted with standing ovations and cheers. People come up to shake their hands and thank them for their service and you can't help but be brought to tears as you watch. Vietnam Veterans will tell you that when they came home they didn't want to wear their uniform, they were spit on and harassed. One veteran said that coming home from Vietnam, being yelled at, was the last time he had flown into the Salt Lake City airport. He now flew into Salt Lake City to cheers of gratitude and he said how grateful he was to finally be able to replace that terrible memory with a new wonderful one. Dustin Marriott, a Nate Wade Subaru manager, went on the flight and said this, "There is nothing like watching a Vietnam Veteran approach the Vietnam Memorial Wall and find the names of four friends who didn't come home from the war. His daughter later told me that he had never spoken of the war until this trip. She was extremely grateful to finally be able to hear the stories her father had to share about his time in Vietnam". The veterans are able to visit all the memorials throughout Washington D.C, attend the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery, and enjoy a banquet to honor their life of service. They come home to hundreds of family members and loved ones waiting for them in the airport. Their smiles light up their faces and they have tears in their eyes as they tell their families about their experiences. It truly is life-changing for every person involved. We at Nate Wade Subaru, feel that sponsoring the Utah Honor Flight is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a company. Every single veteran has given part of their life to protect and defend the freedoms that make America the greatest country on earth. We are eternally grateful for their service and will continue to honor those sacrifices through the Utah Honor Flight program.

The Fight Against Cancer

Nate Wade Subaru has been involved in supporting the Huntsman Cancer Institute for over 15 years donating over $50,000 to the fight against cancer. For the last 10 years, Nate Wade Subaru has teamed up with Huntsman Cancer for their annual Huntsman 140 SportsFest. Every June, they hold the SportsFest event where people can run a 5k or 10k and bike 30, 50, 100, or 140 miles! It is a great event to get the entire community involved in the fight against cancer. Nate Wade Subaru is the official SAG vehicle sponsor, lending out 6-8 vehicles each year to support the participants. Along with the vehicles, Nate Wade makes a $5,000 match donation to anyone that participates on the Nate Wade team! This has been a great way for employees and customers to be involved with us as we raise funds to fight cancer. Our very own, Rob Berman, is part of the Reno Riders group. This group rides from Reno, Nevada to Salt Lake City, a 500 mile ride they do over a week. For Rob, the suffering of that ride is the least he could do for those that suffer and have to fight cancer. Every person has been touched in some way by cancer and the repercussions that come from such a terrible disease. For us, there is no other choice than to be involved in this fight. Huntsman Cancer Institute has been a great partner to us and it is a partnership that goes beyond the SportsFest 140. They are also our selected charity for the Subaru Loves to Care initiative and has been for the last seven years with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. During the SportsFest event, we collect “Message of Hope” cards from supporters, participants, and community members to cheer on those going through treatment at the institute. After SportFest, we deliver blankets, arts & crafts kits, and messages of hope to patients doing chemo therapy and radiation. Due to Covid-19, we haven’t been able to interact one-on-one with patients like we have in the past, hopefully we will be able to again in 2023. One family at the sports fest had over 30 people all wearing blue to support Kaden, a young boy fighting cancer. At the time, Kaden was receiving treatment at Huntsman Cancer Institute, his family members were able to fill out Message of Hope cards specifically for Kaden. When we dropped off the blankets and arts and crafts kits, I made sure the employees knew to personally deliver Kaden a kit along with his cards from his family. We are grateful for the work of Huntsman Cancer Institute, there is no other place we can think of to put funds and support into. We are all a part of this fight, and will continue to be until a cure is found.

Nate Wade Subaru Shares the Love with the Inclusion Center

The Inclusion Center for Community and Justice is a human relations non-profit organization. We share tools and provide language in order to have healthy, human interactions. Through workshops and training seminars, we’ve helped organizations better inform their staff on how to implement more inclusive practices and ensure that all feel seen in their lived experiences. Just by watching the news it is easy for us to identify many examples in which our communities are polarized. Democrats or Republicans. Pro-Choice or Pro-Life. Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matters. Mental Health or Gun Reform. All of these examples, no matter where you stand, have real life consequences that impact all of our communities. The Inclusion Center is dedicated to providing ways to work past our differences, regardless of where we stand on any issue, in order to recognize the human in each other. The Inclusion Center is extremely grateful for our partnership with Nate Wade Subaru and their donation of $22,000 from the Share the Love campaign. This donation will be used to further develop our programming in order for us to expand our services from adult programming, to focus more on youth development and leadership. These funds will be used to develop a week-long, in school leadership program for elementary school kids, called Community Builders, where we show students that we are all leaders in our own ways and how important community is. We also have an anti-bullying campaign for students with Nate Wade Subaru and Fear Factory, called Don’t Be A Monster, where donations like this one will continue to provide this program for free to schools in the Salt Lake Valley. We are grateful for Nate Wade Subaru, as this donation will help us continue the work we’re doing as well as expand the work into spaces where this type of dialogue is needed. Thank you Nate Wade Subaru.

Johnny's Make-a-Wish Comes True!

Nate Wade Subaru partnered with Make-a-Wish Utah to grant 4-year-old Johnny his wish for a pop-up camping trailer! Johnny was diagnosed with Leukemia after he broke his arm and continued having pains throughout his body after his arm was healed. Johnny is an avid adventurer and loves being outdoors and exploring the mountains. Planning fun adventures to accompany his wish has been an effective coping tool to help keep Johnny's mind off hospital visits and treatments. Nate Wade Subaru was able to plan a day full of fun and surprises for Johnny and his family. The Salt Lake Fire Department stopped by with two fire trucks and took Johnny for a ride around the block. Johnny loves firefighters and was pretty star struck that the entire crew came to see him. We had a great magician show and Johnny's favorite lunch-hamburgers and pizza. The afternoon ended with a National Park scavenger hunt that led Johnny out to his new camping trailer! Johnny had a great time playing and exploring his new camper, he said their first trip will be to Moab next month! Make-a-Wish Utah was one of Nate Wade Subaru's hometown charities for the Subaru Share the Love Event this past winter. For each new car sold or leased, $250 is donated to the customer's choice of participating charities. Nate Wade Subaru was able to present Make-a-Wish Utah with a check for $38,000 from the Share the Love event! Nate Wade Subaru has now donated more than $160,000 to Make-a-Wish Utah over the last 6 years, granting more than 32 wishes! We want to thank our customers for making this donation possible, it will help grant many more wishes for kids like Johnny!

Spreading Love at the Ronald McDonald House

Nate Wade Subaru lives up to the Subaru Love Promise vision of making the world a better place, especially as it concerns their partnership with us, Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermountain Area. For many years now, Nate Wade Subaru has brought light and love to families who are facing enormous challenges while navigating their child’s health journey. Nate Wade Subaru has sought out and provided unique support to all the families we serve. Whether it is a special holiday concert with Kurt Bestor, performed at our Ronald McDonald House and most recently in Primary Children’s Hospital, or providing support through our Stock Our Shelves program at our Ronald McDonald Family Room, they touch hundreds of lives with their generosity and make these families feel better, even for a moment. Their support has extended beyond our original partnership to inspire others to donate. Nate Wade Subaru has donated $25,000 to Ronald Mcdonald House Charities and for the past 3 years, Nate Wade Subaru has matched Facebook Birthday donations, inspiring other members of the community to raise funds for our important cause, leveraging their support above and beyond their original gift. This last year, in response to a great need we had, Nate Wade Subaru donated a 3-year lease of a Subaru Forrester to ensure that the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House had safe and reliable transportation to and from our area hospitals. The Nate Wade Subaru Shuttle is vital in the transportation support we provide to the families at the Ronald McDonald House and connecting them safely with their child’s medical needs. So, on behalf of the families served by Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermountain Area, we thank Nate Wade Subaru for their generous partnership and support of the programs that help us keep families together and close to their child when they need support the most!

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