Why Buy Pre-Owned

Read below to learn about the benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle.

When it comes to finding a new ride, there’s a lot to consider. You have to weigh the price of a brand new vehicle against your budget, the wear on the vehicle, and how important being brand-new is to you. Not to mention that a brand-new model loses roughly 20% of its overall value the moment you drive off the lot and the depreciation drops the value drastically over time. Everyone’s situation is different, but sometimes going for a preloved model just makes more sense in the car-buying world. Money is a big factor in that decision, but it isn’t the only benefit to selecting a pre-owned vehicle. At Nate Wade Subaru we strive to be transparent and upfront about all the options available to you, and that includes the pros and cons of buying a pre-owned model. Our full inventory is available online, or you are always welcome to stop in and visit us in person at 1207 S. Main Street in Salt Lake City. We’re excited to help you make all of your Subaru dreams come true.

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Pre-Owned Vehicles and Lower Insurance Rates

Having a model that’s already tested out the road a time or two can save you money on more than just the initial price. Since your preloved model is already experienced on the road, that depreciation value helps to give you a lower price when it comes to insurance. Barring any personal reasons your insurance might be high, having a vehicle that’s got miles under the belt can help keep your insurance more affordable. This is due in part to having the option to decline certain coverages, which is entirely up to you; new models are required to have collision and comprehensive insurance until paid off. Not only that, but your repairs typically cost less on a pre-owned vehicle, which means that fixing a damaged ride costs your insurance less in case of an accident or collision.

When you consider all your options, insurance is one of the biggest money savers for pre-owned models versus brand-new. That’s because when something is new, it has a higher cost towards parts, repairs, and overall maintenance, whereas your pre-owned ride will have less expensive parts and could be easier to work on if it’s a tried-and-true model. Depreciation might sound like a bad thing, but it’s the natural way of life for vehicles. New models depreciate faster, whereas a pre-owned vehicle holds similar value over time so long as it is maintained. With good driving and safety measures, you may even see savings over the years as you keep your ride going strong and the price of insurance for your model goes down.

Honest Reviews from Drivers Like You

Pre-owned vehicles sometimes have more than one driver, and have tons of reports. The good and great are available online for you to check out the benefits of any car, truck or SUV available on our pre-owned lot, meaning you can look at ratings from trusted companies like Kelley Blue Book and Car and Driver. These unbiased reviews help people see what’s good and bad on different rides, and you’ll be able to look at things like CarFax and other information sites that give general information on the make and model you’ve got your eye on. Having insider information on how these models handle the years and the miles is a bonus that new car owners won’t discover until further down the line. With Subaru models known for longevity, our pre-owned lot is chock full of vehicles with plenty of life left ahead of them.

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Value of Your Budget

In the end, you’re the only one that can set a price point. Whether you want to be reasonable or go big, it’s up to you to make the final decision once financing goes through. If you select a model in our pre-owned inventory, there’s potential that you can avoid a loan altogether and pay outright if the price is a steep decline from the original brand-new price. At Nate Wade Subaru, our experts work within whatever budget you have, so that you can see exactly what’s available for you and have the chance to take a spin and test out the engineering for yourself. Doing the research online is one thing, but with a vehicle that’s got some miles under the belt, it’s always nice to take a test drive in person and ensure your selected pre-owned ride is a match made in heaven. Visit us today right here in Salt Lake City and let us help make all your Subaru dreams come true.


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