Benefits of Choosing Pre-Owned

Read below to learn about the benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle.

When it comes to choosing a new vehicle, there's a myriad of factors to consider. You must carefully balance the cost of a brand-new car within your budget, assess the wear on the vehicle, and determine the importance of having a completely new model. It's worth noting that a brand-new vehicle typically experiences an immediate 20% depreciation the moment you drive it off the lot, with further significant depreciation over time. While individual circumstances vary, opting for a pre-owned model often makes more practical sense in the realm of car buying. Financial considerations play a crucial role in this decision, but the advantages of selecting a pre-owned vehicle go beyond just cost. At Nate Wade Subaru, our commitment to transparency means providing you with clear insights into the pros and cons of buying a pre-owned model. You can explore our complete inventory online or visit us at 1207 S. Main Street in Salt Lake City to see our offerings in person. We're enthusiastic about assisting you in turning your Subaru dreams into reality.

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How A Pre-Owned Vehicle Can Lead To Lower Insurance Rates

Opting for a previously driven model not only saves you money on the initial purchase price but can also lead to significant cost savings when it comes to insurance. The seasoned road experience of a preloved vehicle contributes to a lower insurance premium due to reduced depreciation value. Unlike new models, which often require mandatory collision and comprehensive insurance until fully paid off, pre-owned vehicles provide the flexibility to decline certain coverages, empowering you to tailor your insurance plan to your needs. Furthermore, repairs for a pre-owned vehicle tend to be more economical, translating to lower insurance costs in the event of an accident or collision.

Although depreciation is a natural aspect of vehicle ownership, pre-owned models offer more stability in terms of value over time, especially when well-maintained. While new models incur higher costs for parts, repairs, and overall maintenance, a tried-and-true pre-owned ride typically features more affordable components and may be easier to work on. Embracing good driving practices and safety measures can lead to long-term savings, as your well-maintained pre-owned vehicle retains its value, resulting in a gradual decrease in insurance costs over the years.

Drivers Share Their Reviews

Pre-owned vehicles often boast a diverse ownership history with multiple drivers, accompanied by a wealth of detailed reports. The positives and standout features of each car, truck, or SUV in our pre-owned inventory are conveniently accessible online, allowing you to peruse the advantages of various models. Utilizing trusted sources such as Kelley Blue Book and Car and Driver, you can delve into unbiased reviews that provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of different vehicles. Additionally, comprehensive reports like CarFax and other informational resources furnish you with general information about the make and model you're interested in. This insider knowledge regarding how these models have performed over the years and miles is a valuable asset that new car owners might not uncover until later in their ownership experience. Given Subaru's renowned reputation for longevity, our pre-owned lot boasts a selection of vehicles with plenty of mileage left, ensuring a reliable and enduring driving experience.

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Pre-Owned = Budget Friendly

Ultimately, the decision on setting a price point rests solely with you. Whether you opt for a reasonable budget or aim for a more generous one, the final call is yours to make once the financing details are in place. In the case of selecting a model from our pre-owned inventory, there's potential to bypass a loan entirely and pay outright if the price significantly drops from its original brand-new value. At Nate Wade Subaru, our team of experts collaborates closely with your budget constraints, ensuring a transparent overview of the available options. This approach allows you to explore our inventory, take a test drive, and experience the engineering firsthand. While online research provides valuable insights, nothing compares to a test drive to confirm that your chosen pre-owned vehicle is indeed a perfect match. Visit us today in Salt Lake City, and let us play a part in turning your Subaru dreams into a reality.


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