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Buying a new car can be a stressful time but that's soon overshadowed by the joy of being a car owner. However, routine maintenance and other mechanical issues are always lurking in the background ready to strike. We understand that not every car owner is an automobile genius, and when certain issues arise with your car, it can cause panic. Is this something that needs to be replaced or repaired immediately? How much will it cost? Who should I take it to? The good news is that our expert service technicians here at Nate Wade Subaru can answer all of those questions for you. If you're feeling resistance when you turn your steering wheel, hearing strange noises every time you hit a bump, or your dash lights up like a rainbow, our techs can quickly figure out what the issue is. And while some repairs can be costly, we constantly strive to help save you money by offering special service deals every month.

Learn More About Car Care Tips for Your Subaru

While you may not be mechanically savvy or a guru when it comes to auto repair, knowing a few basics about your Subaru is never a bad thing. Even if you do know more than the average bear about car maintenance, doing the repairs yourself can be costly and timely. Our factory trained technicians are always happy to do the work for you and can let you know the process they went through so you're more informed for the future.

Your Subaru is a complex piece of machinery with a slew of moving parts that all need to work together to keep your vehicle on the road. When one thing breaks down, it can cause an avalanche of woe, which is why our team at Nate Wade Subaru is always here to answer any questions you may have about that weird noise you heard or why your car has started to overheat while stuck in traffic. You may even have questions about the different types of gasoline out there and which one is best for your Subaru. While our technicians are pleased to answer these inquiries, we understand that not everyone has the time to stop in to the service center. This is why we provided the links above to help answer any concerns you may have. Even if your vehicle is running smoothly, reading through these helpful pages linked above can prepare you for any eventuality. You'll learn why your high beams work when your low beams aren't, why your cruise control doesn't seem to be operating properly, and even why that pesky check engine light keeps coming on.

Learning the basics about car care isn't as daunting as some people believe. Here at Nate Wade Subaru, we want you to be as informed as we are about the vehicle you're driving, no matter if it's the three-row Ascent SUV, the rugged Crosstrek, or the reliable Impreza hatchback. Our team of factory certified technicians are always on hand to help you with any issue or to answer any questions. And we always offer special service deals to help you save money. Make sure to check our site every month to see what you can save on. Contact us today or stop by our service center at 1207 South Main Street today. We're always ready to help you!

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