Things When Your Car Exterior Is Damaged

Whether you're enduring the morning commute and the driver behind you is focused more on their phone than your rear bumper or a deer jumps out at the worst time during your weekend getaway, a damaged vehicle can happen to anyone. Sometimes, it's just a matter of an unsightly dent that seems more expensive than it should be to simply pop out. But when does body damage on your car cross that line from cosmetic to structural and what kind of body damage might make a vehicle unsafe to drive? At Nate Wade Subaru in Salt Lake City, UT, we think this is the kind of information that our customers should have when making decisions about when, how, and where to get auto body damage taken care of. Below, we look at five things you should know if your vehicle is dinged, dented, or crashed. To learn more, we invite you to stop by our authorized Subaru service center and speak with an expert.

Collision damage like this should be left to the experts to fix 

5. What Kind Of Auto Body Damage Are You Dealing With?

Major storms that bring hail damage aren't as common in our area as they are further east, but they do happen, and hail can total a car when severe enough. However, this is typically considered cosmetic damage that can often be repaired by a professional without even needing paint work done. Parking lot door dings might require a minor touchup of the paint as well as a dent repair, but it's also not affecting much more than the appearance of the car.

When you get to damage like a minor fender bender, things change a bit. That's because modern cars have impact-absorbing components throughout the vehicle. So, the damage from being hit by another car may not look too bad, but even a minor bump can compromise important safety features. That's why it's always best to have an expert survey the damage and why you should never drive around in a car that's not been properly repaired after an accident.

Getting the paint perfectly matched on your vehicle will make a big difference 

4. Matching Paint On Your Car

Whether it's a door ding that left a deep scuff or more involved body damage, getting the paint on your car to be a perfect match may seem like a bit of a challenge. This is especially true if you're in the touch-up paint isle at one of those big box auto parts stores. Fortunately, there's an easier way.

In our authorized Subaru parts center, you'll find touchup paint for the wide range of factory Subaru colors. That way, you won't have a slightly lighter, darker, or otherwise mismatched spot where you touched up a scratch or ding. When it comes to more severe body damage on your car, it's best to trust a factory-authorized body shop, and one of our service advisors at Nate Wade Subaru can point you in the right direction. It's at such certified auto body shops that you'll find experts who have access to factory paint colors so you can count on a flawless repair.

Too much body filler is a hallmark of lousy auto body work 

3. To Repair or Replace Damaged Auto Body Parts

To determine whether a damaged body panel on your car should be repaired or replaced ultimately comes down to how much work will be required to repair it vs how much a new replacement will cost. Consider hail damage as an example. A skilled technician can usually go in and pop out a few dents with a level of expertise that means you won't even have to worry about paint work. You've probably heard of this called Paintless Dent Repair. However, for a vehicle that has been absolutely pummeled by hail, it's more efficient and effective to 'reskin' the damaged areas. This is more involved process that involves welding and paint, and it's why such damage to older vehicles results in them being totaled.

2. DIY Auto Body Repair

At Nate Wade Subaru, we tip our hats to anyone brave enough to look at automotive projects with a Do-It-Yourself attitude. We love chatting with the DIY crowd in our parts department while ensuring they have the top-quality parts and products they need for a successful project. When it comes to DIY auto body repair, we've found that such projects can quickly find a novice in over their head. A few videos on the internet typically aren't sufficient to convey the level of artistry or knowledge of materials required for truly good auto body repair. Swing by our authorized Subaru service center in Salt Lake City to learn more about the best way to repair body damage on your vehicle.

1. Trust The Experts

DIY projects from laying tile in your bathroom to even building a new deck in your backyard are often rewarding and very doable for those with little or no experience. However, that's not typically the case when it comes to auto body repair. For such work on your vehicle to be done correctly and last the brutal tests of time requires an unparalleled attention to detail, a vast knowledge of how metal, fiberglass, plastic, and other materials react to various pressures, temperatures, and the environment. It all adds up to work that we strongly recommend leaving to the experts. Aside from the cosmetic aspects of auto body work, there's also the matter of safety and those unseen impact absorbing features we mentioned earlier. So, swing by an authorized dealership anytime your vehicle needs body work.

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