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Every new vehicle has a break-in period of time, and your new Subaru has specific ways to break it in and get the most out of your new ride. With world-renowned engineering and mechanics, the Subaru legacy is legendary and you get to cruise around with the power of a Subaru-exclusive BOXER® engine under the hood. These break-in steps are just the basics; if you have any specific questions or concerns, contact one of our certified and factory-trained specialists in our service department and get your new ride taken care of.

No matter the Subaru you sport, the break in time is the same. For those first 1,000 miles you put in, you want to avoid late or aggressive shifting while your engine is in the break-in period. Cruise a variety of speeds on the highway and leisurely around town to help attune your new motor. Essentially, you want to keep your engine’s RPMs below 4,000. When breaking in a Subaru Impreza, be sure to avoid hard stops and starts or any excessive high speeds. We know you want to push your new ride and try everything out, but waiting past the first 1,000 miles really makes a difference and gives your engine the breather it needs. When you’re sporting a zippier model like the new Subaru WRX or the Subaru BRZ, there’s a hefty temptation to unleash the full power and perks of these high-performance packages. A little restraint here in the beginning helps to keep your Subaru cruising as long as possible. According to IHS Automotive, Subaru models are some of the longest lasting vehicles available on the market. By following these break-in guidelines you’ll extend the longevity of your purchase. Come see us in Salt Lake City at the Nate Wade Subaru dealership and learn the specifics of your new ride.

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Having a strong wheelhouse of knowledge is great to help keep your Subaru running for years to come. At Nate Wade Subaru we strive to offer the best information, services and products available for your Subaru to help extend your ride’s life whether it came from our dealership or you made the decision to visit our service center yourself. Our expansive inventory is available for you to browse at your leisure, and once you’ve found that dream Subaru we can deliver your new ride to you with one of our on-staff Subaru delivery specialists. Our factory-trained and certified technicians are always happy to have a chat to help you find a special that suits your needs or help you locate and understand any parts and replacements needed. And when it comes time for routine maintenance or worrisome problems our technicians are available to help solve and fix the problem. Visit our dealership today at 1207 South Main Street here in Salt Lake City and see what sets Subaru apart from other brands. We’re available to talk in person or by phone.

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