The 2020 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

The 2020 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our customers, our community, and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2020 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes elite Subaru retailers who provide an exceptional customer experience at every interaction with Subaru. These retailers have also demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in their local communities in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.


What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

How is Nate Wade Subaru dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

At Nate Wade Subaru, our Love Promise to the Salt Lake City area can be seen in our more than 50 years of creating valued partnerships with local organizations, built to strengthen our wonderful community.

National Ability Center, Utah Food Bank, KUED, 90.0 FM KRCL, YouthLinc

Happy Chemo, American Diabetes Association, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Did Nate Wade Subaru go above and beyond, provide exceptional service, or support causes that are important to you? We'd love to hear about it.

Love Promise Stories from Nate Wade Subaru

Subaru and Nate Wade Subaru believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Don't Be a Monster - Spencer T

As part of a large educational commitment in anti-bullying curriculum, Nate Wade Subaru has been the presenting sponsor of a nationally acclaimed anti-bullying assembly based program throughout the state of Utah, co-presented by Fear Factory Haunted House. Nate Wade Subaru donated $10,000 in 2019 to help kick-start this program and another $10,000 in 2020 to extend the reach of this program. To date, the ‘Don’t Be A Monster Program has reached nearly 20 schools who have participated in the assembly and follow up in-classroom homework/lessons either in person or digitally (due to COVID19 safety efforts), which have resulted in data driven results in reducing bullying in schools, increased learning and attention in the classroom, and assisted in overall mental health development for students in grades 4-8. The Utah programs facilitation partner, The Inclusion Center, who is a local non-profit and has over 85 years of inclusionary and anti-bias history. We’re building partnerships with local school districts to triple our local assembly delivery by 2022. Nationally, this program reached nearly 900 schools, been presented to nearly 400,000 students and with a 98.14% school rating of the success of the program. We’re beyond thrilled and thankful to have such a vital sponsor, and dedicated education partner, to help us reach and impact our greater Utah community with such enormous success. Thanks Nate Wade Subaru!

Don't Be a Monster
Don't Be a Monster

Make-a-Wish Limitless Supercar Shootout - Carli C

Nate Wade Subaru continued their longstanding and impactful support of Make-A-Wish Utah by sponsoring the Limitless Supercar Shootout, which raises funds to grant wishes for children with critical illnesses. This is a one-of-a-kind, high-class event that features 40 of the rarest exotic cars in the region attempting to reach top speed while accelerating over a 3-mile stretch of highway. The high speed was over 200 MPH. Because of COVID, the event was closed to the public this year but broadcast via Facebook Live to thousands of viewers. The highlight of the event was that the race care drivers drove by three homes of wish kids and did a honk and wave. The wish families and their neighbors loved seeing the rare cars on display. Nate Wade Subaru’s $10,000 sponsorship was an integral part of the event’s success and helped Make-A-Wish Utah raise more than $60,000 for wishes.

Make-a-Wish Utah
Make-a-Wish Limitless Supercar Shootout

A BIG Thank You to the Salt Lake Health Department - Carli C

The Utah Health Department has been instrumental in Utah's fight against Covid-19. Contact tracers have been working around the clock to find out where Covid-19 is being spread from. These workers have not been receiving the same recognition as the other heroes helping to fight this pandemic. Nate Wade Subaru wanted to make sure that the employees at the Salt Lake City health department knew that we have seen the work they are doing and we appreciate it. Nate Wade Subaru sent in Thirst Drinks, a local company, to treat the employees at the Salt Lake Health Department. Each employee was able to order a customized drink and treat to enjoy! We were able to serve 100 employees drinks and treats and deliver another round of treats to employees at a different location. We appreciate the time and effort these people are putting in to keep the rest of Utah safe!Thank you to the Salt Lake City Health Department for your hard work!

Salt Lake City Health Department

Hartvigsen Students Love to Learn with Subaru! - Hartvigsen S

The Subaru Love of Learning donation of 150 science books has become one of the greatest resources to our school. Because our students have multiple challenges, finding appropriate books to meet all of the student’s interests and reading abilities can be difficult. From the very beginning, the Subaru team worked with our school to make sure the right books would be purchased. Subaru sent a list of the books and their descriptions for our Teachers to review and determine what would work best with the students. Books with large pictures and limited vocabulary were selected by our Elementary Teachers. One favorite book is A House in the Sky: And other Uncommon Animal Homes. The Speech Therapist and theTeacher use this book with the class to teach the definition of what is a home and how it relates to Thanksgiving and family. The Secondary Teachers are using a variety of books; Trash Revolution, Bug Lab For kids, and What Do They Do with All That Poo? These help to support the functional academics of our educational program. Many of our students have jobs around the school to recycle, take care of plants, and promote hygiene programs. The Teachers use these books to teach basic vocabulary and create activities to engage our students across a variety of settings. Again, we have nothing but gratitude to Carli Claflin and the crew from Subaru. It has been great participating in the Subaru Love of Learning for the past two years. The books are beautiful and greatly appreciated. Subaru, We Love You!

Hartvigsen Students Love to Learn with Subaru!

Don't Be A Monster - Anti-Bullying - Carli C

Don't Be A Monster is a non-profit organization that works along side Haunted Attractions to bring anti-bullying assemblies to schools through out the country. Nate Wade Subaru teamed up with the Fear Factory Haunted House to bring this organization to Utah. It's mission is to empower youth to be leaders around diversity and inclusiveness, build caring communities, and to stand up for their friends and peers.This year, we were able to provide 10 schools with the Don't Be A Monster assembly at no charge to the schools with plans to triple the number of schools for 2020. This assembly has the ability to change lives, we have already heard many stories from parents, teachers, and students about how the assembly impacted them directly. Nate Wade Subaru is proud to be part of the effort to bring this organization to Utah school's because it is definitely needed. It's about doing something bigger than all of us in our community, and addressing the roots of suicide, exclusion, dropping grades, isolation and violence in schools: bullying. Everyone in these assemblies pledged to be an UPstander (instead of a bystander) and act more inclusive and respectful!

Don't Be A Monster
Don't Be A Monster - Anti-Bullying

Delivering Love, Hope & Warmth to Cancer Patients - Stacie K

On July 8th members of the Nate Wade Subaru team came together with staff and volunteers from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to bring love and warmth to the patients at Huntsman Cancer Institute in the form of blankets, craft kits and notes of encouragement. Jen Murano of the Huntsman Foundation remarked, "this is perfect timing, we just ran out of blankets and our patients love receiving the Subaru/LLS blankets, they are so beautifully packaged and the notes of encouragement that come with them lift their spirits.” After snapping some pictures at the entrance of the hospital Nate Wade employees, LLS staff, and volunteers headed into the infusion center to pass out blankets to patients receiving treatment. “It was heartwarming to see how caring the Nate Wade staff was to each patient. They brought smiles and a few laughs to many of the patients” said Stacie Kulp, Executive Director of the LLS Utah chapter. The team cheerfully passed out blankets in the infusion center and you could see a change in patient’s demeanor's and lightening of moods. The warmth in the room was palpable. The hospital staff expressed how much this annual delivery means to them and their patients. Blankets may seem like a small gesture to people who are not dealing with cancer treatment, but to the patients at the hospital the blankets mean so much more than warmth. In the infusion center alone, almost all the 80 blankets donated were given directly to patients in need; showing just how timely this donation was! All of us at LLS are so grateful to partner with Nate Wade Subaru. We thank them for their willingness to help others including local cancer patients and LLS in our efforts to end blood cancer.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Delivering Love, Hope & Warmth to Cancer Patients

Nate Wade Delivers Just In Time! - Emily M

on June 28, members of the Nate Wade Subaru team came together with staff and volunteers from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to bring warmth to the patients at Huntsman Cancer Institute in the form of blankets and notes of encouragement. Jen Murano of the Huntsman Foundation remarked, ”this is perfect timing, we just ran out of blankets and our patients love receiving the Subaru/LLS blankets, they are so beautifully packaged and the notes of encouragement that come with them lift their spirits.” After snapping some pictures at the entrance of the hospital Nate Wade employees, LLS staff, and volunteers headed into the infusion center to pass out blankets to patients receiving treatment. Among the Nate Wade employees present were Carli & Ron; as these two cheerfully passed out blankets in the infusion center you could see a change in patient’s demeanors and lightening of moods. The warmth in the room was palpable. In the infusion center alone, almost all the 80 blankets donated were given directly to patients in need; showing just how timely this donation was! All of us at LLS are so grateful to partner with Nate Wade Subaru. We thank them for their willingness to help others including local cancer patients and LLS in our efforts to end blood cancer.

Nate Wade Delivers Just In Time!

Nate Wade Subaru Sponsors Utah Honor Flight - Carli C

Utah Honor Flight’s mission is to transport Utah’s Veterans to Washington DC to visit those memorials dedicated to honor the service and sacrifices to themselves and to their friends. Utah Honor Flight is a non-profit organization created solely to honor Utah’s Veterans for all their sacrifices.Nate Wade Subaru donated $30,000.00 and fundraised another $10,000 in the community to sponsor a flight of local Utah Vietnam Veterans on November 9-11, 2017. The Utah Honor Flight received countless emails and phone calls after this flight from the Veterans, their families and friends recounting stories from this flight and the changes that were made in the lives of these men after this experience. Many of them have said this is the welcome home they never received and that they finally feel like they have “returned home from Vietnam”. These flights impact the community by giving these men and women the thank you that so many of them have never received and gives them closure from the memories of war that they have fought so hard to suppress by giving them new memories and friendships developed during these flights.

Utah Honor Flight

Nate Wade Loves To Care For Blood Cancer Patients - Emily M

On July 6th, employees from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Utah Chapter teamed up with Nate Wade Subaru; the oldest dealership in the country, to deliver hope to patients at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Nate Wade employees; including Carli Claflin and Dustin Marriott, packed their Nate Wade Subaru Outback to the brim with 80 blankets, 10 kid’s craft kits, and 50 care cards to spread courage and comfort to patients at Huntsman Cancer Institute. This delivery was made especially touching as Carli, Dustin, and LLS employees had the opportunity to hand deliver blankets and care cards to patients in the infusion center. As they were passing out blankets, Carli and Dustin went the extra mile to talk to individual patients and get to know their stories, like Elizabeth, a patient who traveled all the way from Nevada to receive her treatment. Nate Wade Subaru’s employees are known for going above and beyond in building relationships and helping the community, this delivery was no exception!

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Nate Wade Loves To Care For Blood Cancer Patients

Finding a Cure for Cancer - Jen M

We are so honored to have Nate Wade Subaru as a sponsor of the Huntsman 140 Bike Ride & 5K Run from the very beginning in 2010. From Subaru’s all along the course for rider support, to team members fundraising while they run or ride, to financial support from the dealership.For the 2017 event, Nate Wade Subaru was able to fundraise $20,000 for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. This $20,000 was raised by 140 & 5K team members and employees of the dealership. Multiple employees participate in the race to bring awareness to the terrible disease that is cancer. The Huntsman Cancer Institute couldn’t be more fortunate or do this event without Nate Wade Subaru! They are a true partner.

Nate Wade Subaru
Finding a Cure for Cancer

Subaru and NWF Love the Earth! - Karina V

We celebrated with Subaru and the surrounding community in helping clean up the Jordan River by the school! We had over 120 people show up and chip in in honor of Earth Day!

National Wildlife Federation
Subaru and NWF Love the Earth!

Fathers Day Trip - Joshua S

Dear Subaru, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your excellent cars. Three days ago I was packing up my 2006 Subaru Forrester, which we call Big Blue, to meet my son in Wisconsin. It isn’t the pristine car it used to be but rather a car full of love and stale cheerios. I was driving from New Hampshire to Wisconsin to pick up my son and then move on to Utah to reunite with my wife and daughter. As any good New Hampshire resident, I had loaded a case of maple syrup in the car along with many of our valuable items. I made good progress the first night. The next morning I was on the road early so I could see my son on Father’s Day. I was driving west on I 90 near Rochester New York when a 2015 Kia Battle Ram rear ended me. I don’t know how fast the car was going. Your engineers could probably speculate. I remember a bright light then shaking violently in the car. After the car stopped I was facing oncoming traffic. I thought I had blood on my legs but I was really coated with my smuggled maple syrup. Amazingly I opened my door and walked off onto the shoulder call 911. I have no injuries. Thanks to big blue I was able to see my son Miles and daughter Edith and my wife Megan on Father’s Day. Thanks for keeping me safe. We are quite sad to lose Big Blue. I guess it is time to save up for another Subaru. Sincerely Joshua Steffen

Fathers Day Trip

Make-a-Wish Proclamation! - Daniel D

Nate Wade Subaru remains one of Make-A-Wish Utah's most enthusiastic and passionate partners. Their employees continue to demonstrate that they care deeply about our community and Make-A-Wish kids. This year they planned a wish reveal for 15-year-old, Kendell, who wants to be famous in New York. Carli Claflin and the staff planned Kendell's special event with incredible detail and imagination that brought her wish to life perfectly. When Kendell arrived at Nate Wade Subaru she didn't arrive at a car dealership, she walked into New York City - and did so on a red carpet. Many of the features that New York City is famous for were present at Kendell's reveal. She wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, it was there. She wanted a New York Style hot dog, it was there. She wanted to go to a Broadway show, it was there. The dealership even facilitated an interview for Kendell with a local magazine so she'd truly feel famous. Her wish reveal was a day that she and her family will undoubtedly remember forever.

Make-a-Wish Utah

100 Bikes for Kids! - Carli C

Nate Wade Subaru teamed up with Free Bikes 4 Kids for the ultimate Christmas service project, put together and giveaway 100 bikes! Over two nights, Nate Wade Subaru employees put together and thoroughly inspected 100 bikes! On Saturday morning, we had refugee families, sub-for-Santa groups, and families looking to serve come to the dealership to pick up bikes. Each child received a brand new bike, helmet, and tail light to keep them safe on the road! It was amazing to see employees work together for a great cause. Not only putting together the bikes but helping children get measured and fitted for helmets and teaching them to ride a bike in the showroom was the best way for us to get into the Christmas spirit!

Nate Wade Subaru
100 Bikes for Kids!

Subaru's Oldest Dealership Delivers Hope - Emily M

Nate Wade Subaru, the oldest Subaru dealership in America, has had a long history of supporting the Huntsman Cancer Institute, “Nate Wade is so good to us!” said Jen Murano, Director of Events at the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. This blanket donation was the cherry on top of a long relationship between HCI and Nate Wade Subaru filled with years of service and support. Teaming up with Nate Wade employees, Steve Drott and Carly Watts, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Board of Trustee members and blood cancer survivors were able to hand deliver blankets to cancer patients receiving treatment. "What an opportunity!” exclaimed Steve Drott, Multiple Myeloma survivor, “Being able to provide a bit of comfort and support to some of the patients at Huntsman Cancer Institute was truly heartwarming. Not only am I a board member for LLS, but am a patient at Huntsman who only 6 months ago was undergoing a bone marrow transplant. I know what these patients are experiencing. By presenting these small gifts, Subaru and LLS provided so much more to these patients than just a blanket." Carly Watts, a two time Leukemia survivor noted, “As I went through my treatment, there was no gift I loved more than a nice, warm blanket. The love and care Subaru has for cancer patients is apparent in the quality and of these blankets- I would have loved to receive one of these during my treatments at Huntsman!” Thanks to Nate Wade’s philanthropic culture, the blanket delivery to HCI will be a treasured memory.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Subaru's Oldest Dealership Delivers Hope

The Huntsman 140 Bike Race - Jen M

We are so fortunate to have a wonderful partner and sponsor in Nate Wade Subaru for over five years of the Huntsman 140. The Huntsman 140 is a ride where 100% of all funds raised go to fuel lifesaving research at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Nate Wade Subaru has been there from the beginning to see us raise $57,000 in 2011 and now, in 2016, reaching over $500,000. A new event record and enough funds to seed ten new and innovative ideas in our research labs. Nate Wade Subaru also helps fuel riders on the course with vehicles along the 140 miles. Each year we use Subaru’s as SAG support to assist riders along. Some may need a water refill, bike mechanic support or just a little encouragement along the way. Whatever they need, the Nate Wade Subaru SAG is always a welcomed sight! For the last two years, Nate Wade Subaru amped up their sponsorship by creating a Nate Wade team of riders! Any donations made by team members were matched by Nate Wade Subaru up to $5,000! They raised a total of $10,000 for this years ride! We also love having them at the finish line, cheering on riders and handing out some awesome swag! Thank you from all of us here at Huntsman Cancer Foundation and from all the riders of the Huntsman 140. Thank you for standing with us in the fight against cancer.

Huntsman Cancer Institute
The Huntsman 140 Bike Race

Treat Everyday Like Earth Day! - Carli C

Nate Wade Subaru wanted to do more than celebrate one day to help the Earth, we wanted to celebrate it for an entire month and help others to do the same! With a showroom full of trees, Nate Wade Subaru had customers write down pledges of how they are going to help the earth and display the pledges on the trees. But, Nate Wade Subaru knew if they were to ask customers to make a pledge then they had to make a pledge too. Nate Wade Subaru had pledged to become an Eco-Friendly Dealer and is in the process of doing so! Here at Nate Wade Subaru, we hope that customers acted on their pledges to form habits, and they will continue to "Treat Everyday like Earth Day" throughout the year!

Nate Wade Subaru
Treat Everyday Like Earth Day!

Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition - Pam H

An entire month of donations for bully prevention. That was the commitment from Nate Wade Subaru to the Anti-Bullying Coalition of Utah. This Coalition was started by the Utah Jazz Mascot, the Bear, after his kids were being bullied at school. Nate Wade Subaru customers were able to donate to the coalition and enter a drawing for a snowboard and road bike! By the end of March, between customer and the dealership donations, a check for $2,000 was given to the Coalition. The Coalition is here to provide programs and resources to schools across Utah to help stop bullying. Everyone has had a personal experience or knows of someone who has dealt with bullying. Nate Wade Subaru helped to bring awareness to this huge issue we have in our schools and through their donation we can continue reaching students and making sure they have the resources they need to stop bullying.

Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition
Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition

Nate Wade Subaru supports Make-A-Wish Utah - Carli C

Leah, a spunky, fun-loving 12-year-old who has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, wishes to ride horses in Hawaii. On Sat. Jan. 23rd, Make-A-Wish Utah and Nate Wade Subaru, revealed to Leah that her heartfelt wish will come true. Nate Wade invited wish kid Leah and family for a day of fun! First horseback riding to the dealership where she completed Hawaiian-themed tasks such as lei making, treasure hunting, painting, and coconut bowling! Then the real Luau began! Pulled-pork sandwiches, fresh fruit and shaved ice was served, and the entertainment began! Hawaii came life with genuine hula dancers that performed! Nate Wade Subaru owner Kirk Schneider and Community Outreach Coordinator Carli Claflin revealed to Leah that her wish to travel to Hawaii would be coming true! Nate Wade Subaru employees worked hard during the 2015 Share the Love event to raise over $20,000 for Make-a-Wish. Employees were involved in the planning and execution of the activities and event. Leah's mom, Kristin, summed it up best, "I can't find the words to really describe how much that day meant to our family, knowing that they went to that much trouble to say congrats, your wish has come true, it's starting to make Leah realize that her wish is going to come true. That day is now officially the best day of her life."

Nate Wade Subaru's Pet Food Drive - Carli C

Just a note to say Thank You and how grateful we are to have the PetsPlus pet food drive partnership with Nate Wade Subaru. I estimate that there was at least 2,500 lbs. of pet food collected during the February Pet Food Drive hosted at the dealership. In addition one Nate Wade Subaru customer became aware of the donation opportunity through your mailing and made a $500.00 cash contribution. This will go a very long way in helping us sustain the PetsPlus program for our Meals on Wheels recipients. We appreciate support and community involvement of Nate Wade Subaru to enhance the lives of those less fortunate. I hope we can continue the partnership in the years to come. On behalf the program staff and our Meals on Wheels recipients, Thank you again.

Nate Wade Subaru's Pet Food Drive

Life Ahead in a Subaru - Fred - Kathy R

Long time Subaru owners, Fred and Kathy Roth ruminated over the replacement of their 2001 Subaru Outback. The new safety features were appealing but their 15 year old Outback was solid and dependable. Life comes into focus and priorities become clear when health shifts. Fred was diagnosed with Leukemia in July and underwent a stem cell transplant in mid-September. While Fred was at the Huntsman Cancer Institute for eight weeks undergoing treatment - we decided to move forward and purchase a new 2016 Outback as one of our goals for life ahead. We researched on and built an Outback from Fred's Huntsman hospital room and connected with Carla at Nate Wade by phone and email to finalize the specifications. Carla was pleasant, helpful with no pressure. We discovered a common bond with Carla. She, too, survived cancer at Huntsman. She understood the significance of this purchase. The entire Nate Wade organization, a corporate sponsor of Huntsman, warmly embraced us in their Subaru family. Our new 2016 Outback arrived just before Christmas, a perfect gift for each other. We end the year with enthusiasm for 2016.

Life Ahead in a Subaru

Nate Wade Subaru Donates Comfort Care Tote Bags - Blanca R

Nate Wade Subaru employees assembled 75 Comfort Care Tote Bags for patients at the University of Utah Hospital and the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Their contributions and services were greatly appreciated by the staff, but more importantly, by the patients. We feel very fortunate to be part of a community where organizations like Nate Wade Subaru has such generous and thoughtful individuals that are willing to donate their time and talents. The donation greatly benefited the patients and their families, offering them support, hope, and comfort through their stay were at Huntsman Cancer Hospital. Once again, thank you Nate Wade Subaru for your generosity and support.

Nate Wade Subaru Donates Comfort Care Tote Bags

The 50/50/50 - James L

This summer I conquered the 50 50 50. What is the 50 50 50? It was a journey like none other and is being touted as the most difficult human endurance feat in history. Fifty full Ironman distance races, over fifty consecutive days through all fifty states. The goal was to raise funds and awareness for the Jamie Oliver Foundation, which focuses its efforts on childhood obesity and the challenges that face todays younger generation. The project also brought communities across the country closer together and promoted healthy active lifestyles. A group 5k was run every single day at 7pm. Nate Wade Subaru generously offered the use of an Outback. The Outback became the official support vehicle for James during his historic accomplishment. It was a complete honor to work with such an outstanding company and such a reliable car. Thank you Nate Wade- James Lawrence - The IronCowboy IC 505050 Finisher 2 X World Record Holder

The Iron Cowboy
The 50/50/50

Nate Wade Subaru at the Huntsman 140 - Jackie B

The Huntsman 140 bike ride raises funds for valuable cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. This year, 850 cyclists raised more than $434,000 for the cause, the biggest year in the event's 5-year history. Nate Wade Subaru has been an important partner to the Huntsman 140 each year, and this year, their contributions were numerous. Nate Wade Subaru allows our staff to utilize a fleet of Subarus to use as SAG and support vehicles during the ride. In addition Nate Wade Subaru sponsored a team of 27 riders, matching the first $5,000 raised by team members. That means that the NWS team contributed more than $14,000 to the overall fundraising total! But the generosity didn't end there,the staff at Nate Wade Subaru donated a brand new Apple watch as a fundraising prize to the top cancer survivor fundraiser. The Huntsman 140 has an amazing feeling of hope and support surrounding it, and we are grateful to Nate Wade Subaru their generous and continued contributions to our fundraising efforts.

Huntsman Cancer Institute
Nate Wade Subaru at the Huntsman 140

The Iron Cowboy 50/50/50 - James L

James Lawrence is a Utah based endurance athlete who holds two world records in triathlon racing but he is no where near finished. He just completed 50 Ironman courses in 50 consecutive days, through all 50 states. That is 120 miles of swimming, 5,600 miles of biking, and 1,310 miles of running. The best part of Lawrence's quest is that he is raising awareness of childhood obesity through out the United States. His saying is, "You are a product of your environment." He truly believes childhood obesity starts at home and those are where the first changes need to be made. Nate Wade Subaru was approached about sponsoring Lawrence and couldn't say no. His chase car was a Nate Wade Subaru 2015 Outback wrapped for the Iron Cowboy. Nate Wade Subaru owner Kirk Schneider explains, "To think about accomplishing this goal, to even think about starting this journey was so intriguing to us we just had to be part of it". He finished his journey in Utah on July 25th and Nate Wade Subaru was there to welcome him home. It was an all day event with thousands of people cheering and running with James as he completed his last 5k. We loved being a part of this incredible feat and know he has inspired thousands on his journey to live a healthier life style.

Nate Wade Subaru
The Iron Cowboy 50/50/50

Pet Adoption Day - Katy S

At Nate Wade Subaru we know how much our customers love their pets. We decided to connect with a new organization, CAWS, for a pet adoption day! They brought around 10 dogs and 10 cats and we had a great turnout. We loved having the animals around the dealership for the day and even had an employee adopt a dog! We had lots of fun Subaru toys to give away, a photo booth, and lots of interested people. CAWS told us it was one of their most successful events for community outreach. It is an organization we look forward to working with again.

Nate Wade Subaru
Pet Adoption Day

Pet Adoption Day at Nate Wade Subaru - Katy S

Community Animal Welfare Society (CAWS) was honored to have a Pet Adoption Day at Nate Wade Subaru.We felt so welcomed by all of the staff at Nate Wade, their employees took care of our every need that day including helping to set up cages, fill water buckets and play with the animals throughout the day. A few employees even decided to adopt a dog that day allowing CAWS to save yet another life in the animal community. Nate Wade Subaru was one of the best locations to have an adoption event and we were so grateful for the invitation. This location allowed CAWS to do some much needed community outreach to educate the community about the needs of animals including spaying/neutering their pets. This was a successful day for our organization and we were very grateful to have been given the opportunity to host an adoption event at Nate Wade Subaru.

Pet Adoption Day at Nate Wade Subaru

Nate Wade Subaru Helps the Fight for Cancer - Jackie B

Nate Wade Subaru has always donated cars to the Huntsman 140 Bike Race but this year we decided to step up our game in the fight against cancer. The 2015 Huntsman 140 is a fundraising road cycling event finishing in the afternoon of Saturday, June 20, 2015 near Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. All funds raised through this one-day event go to Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) to support cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). Each rider is encouraged to fundraise $500 for cancer research at HCI. Nate Wade Subaru had a team of over 20 cyclists raising money for cancer. Nate Wade Subaru matched every donation made by our team members. We have loved giving cars to this event but creating a team this year made it much more fun. In the end we raised over $10,000 for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Nate Wade Subaru was at the finish line with a tent full of Subaru giveaways, drinks, and treats for the riders and their families. Nate Wade Subaru also donated an Apple Watch to the top cancer survivor fundraiser. The lady who won the watch had lost her husband to cancer before the event. Her and her kids each rode in honor of their father and we were so happy to see the watch go to someone so deserving. The HCI is an incredible organization in our community and we are proud to support them every year.

Nate Wade Subaru
Nate Wade Subaru Helps the Fight for Cancer

Nate Wade Subaru Loves the Earth - Sean J

Nate Wade Subaru hosted an E-Waste Recycling Event for the month of April. Our customer and employees were excited about cleaning out their homes and bringing in old electronics to be properly recycled. By the end of the month we had filled three large bins to be taken away and recycled. This event helped us promote how much Subaru cares about the environment we live in. It definitely helped that it was during Earth Month! This was a great event that was mutually beneficial for us and our customers. Subaru customers appreciate our awareness of the environment and were excited about an opportunity to actively engage and participate in an event that supported proper recycling and therefore helping to preserve the world we live in.

All Green Electronics Recycling
Nate Wade Subaru Loves the Earth

Food Drive for The Bountiful Food Pantry - Lorna K

Nate Wade Subaru held a food drive for the month of May to help the Bountiful Food Pantry with their Pantry Packs program. The Pantry Packs program was designed to provide food for at-risk children with food on the weekends. The main goal of this program is to keep hungry kids fed, as 1 in 7 children in Utah goes to bed hungry every night. Currently, the Pantry Packs program is serving over 300 elementary students throughout Davis County each week. Each pack includes enough food for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and several snacks. During the month of May we encouraged customers and employees to bring food into the dealership for this drive. On May 22nd, Nate Wade Subaru employees and customers packed the donations into meals to be delivered to children. We created a assembly line on our show room and completed over 1,000 Pantry Packs. Each pack contains the 8 items we gathered all month. Our entire store came together along with a few customers contributed their time and money to make sure we hit our goal of 1,000. As a pillar in our community this was a great way to make a real difference.

Bountiful Food Pantry
Food Drive for The Bountiful Food Pantry

Because Nate Wade Subaru Loves Utah! - Shawn B

Nate Wade Subaru has teamed up with American Forests for their ReLeafing project in Dixie National Forest. For every new and used Subaru sold from March 23rd - April 30th, Nate Wade Subaru will donate 10 trees to this project. "We were excited to partner with American Forests because the project was in Utah. We know that whatever happens this project will benefit our state greatly," says Nate Wade Subaru owner Kirk Schneider. The 2012 Shingle Fire in the Cedar City District of Dixie National Forest burned approximately 8,000 acres that has negatively impacted soil conditions. American Forests will be planting 50,000 Ponderosa Pine Trees across 500 acres, Nate Wade Subaru will donate up to 3,000 trees. American Forests will be planting these trees throughout the month of May, 2015.

American Forests
Because Nate Wade Subaru Loves Utah!

Youthlinc - Judy Z

Since 2005, Nate Wade Subaru has been a sponsor of our Annual Benefit, so that 100% of the proceeds of this event can directly support Youthlinc programs. The majority of the funds donated at our Benefit provide Legacy Sponsorships and financial aid to Utah secondary and college students who participate in our Service Year-contributing 17,000+ hours of relied upon service all over Utah & taking leadership roles in international service in small villages in six developing nations. At our Benefit, we also award the state's largest service scholarship to that year's Utah Young Humanitarian. Check out our website for other ways Youthlinc builds Utah's future leaders and lifetime humanitarians We love Nate Wade Subaru not only for their consistent support but for their signature person-to-person approach in all they do. This is the Youthlinc way as well, so we encourage all our supporters to buy a car at Nate Wade. That's what our staff and volunteers do! Awesome Subaru quality, with impeccable Nate Wade service.


Nate Wade Subaru Donates Thousands to the NAC - Denise B

Salt Lake City, UT (March 24, 2015) "Nate Wade Subaru presented a check to the National Ability Center for 42,314.00 yesterday from their "Share the Love" Event. From November 20, 2014 to January 2, 2015, Subaru donates $250 for every new Subaru sold to a national or local charity. The National Ability Center was the local charity for Nate Wade Subaru and has a very personal connection to Nate Wade's owner, Kirk Schneider. Schneider's daughter, Allie, has spina-bifida and has been going to the National Ability Center for over 20 years, learning how to do outdoor activities with a disability. The Nate Wade Subaru employees worked hard to encourage their customers to support the local charity for this year. Nate Wade Subaru was proud to present this check to the National Ability Center.

National Ability Center
Nate Wade Subaru Donates Thousands to the NAC

Subaru Loves Pets Partnership - Brett K

The Wasatch Front Subaru Retailers and Nate Wade Subaru never want us to lose our pets! On Feb. 14, 2015, the Humane Society of Utah and Nate Wade Subaru hosted the first quarterly Subaru Loves Pets Event for the year. Free Avid microchips were offered to the public as a community service to increase the likelihood of owners finding their lost furry loved ones. Bringing awareness to the plight of homeless animals in Utah and encouraging the public to microchip their pet as a safe, permanent form of identification, the first Subaru Loves Pets Event was a great success. Over 700 Utah pets now have the means to find their way home in the unfortunate event the pet goes missing. The Humane Society of Utah is grateful for the sponsorship and support from Subaru and looks forward to future collaborative events to service our community and our beloved pets. To view a video recap of the event visit:

Humane Society of Utah
Subaru Loves Pets Partnership

Nate Wade Subaru helps enable The National Ability Center - National Ability Center N

National Ability Center The National Ability Center helps Paralympic athletes and hopefuls train to compete in alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, sled hockey, archery and cycling. We couldn't do it without Nate Wade Subaru. They allow us to provide transportation to all of our athletes, taking them to competitions all over the United States and the world. This long-standing partnership helped an unprecedented number of Paralympic hopefuls compete in the Sochi Paralympic Games. We are proud to share that 18 Paralympic athletes with ties to the National Ability Center competed in Sochi, including ten American athletes and nine international athletes. Nate Wade Subaru's support provides the National Ability Center with a "vehicle" to get our athletes where they are going!

National Ability Center
Nate Wade Subaru helps enable The National Ability Center

A new life-long relationship - Sean O

A Subaru Convert! I decided in February 2014 that I needed a new car. I had been a longtime owner of Hondas but decided to study and learn more about Subarus to see if I could make the switch. My experience at Nate Wade was unlike any other I've had. Brock Kassing was very informative and professional. He really knew his stuff and was very passionate about Subarus. I trusted his opinion and left better educated on my soon-to-be purchase. I felt confident that I was going to purchase a car that was not only classy and comfortable, but also very reliable. I will return and buy future cars from Nate Wade. The experience was pressure-free and very pleasant. Thank you! Sean Olson, South Jordan, UT

A new life-long relationship