May 12th, 2022

Every car owner knows that to keep your vehicle running in peak condition, it requires staying on top of not only routine maintenance but any other repairs that crop up. From a simple oil change to something more difficult such as a transmission replacement, cars require specialized care to keep it running safely. When the time comes to take your car in for a tune-up, you may be tempted to go to your local mechanic over the dealership. We understand that you want to find a shop that you trust and that provides high-quality work for an affordable price. If you're still deciding on where to take your car for service, here are three benefits to choosing the Nate Wade Service Center.

Mechanic vs Dealership: Better Customer Experience

When you bring your vehicle in to be serviced, it's not just about your car. It's also about you and your needs; at Nate Wade Subaru, we build relationships with our customers so you feel that your concerns have been addressed in the proper manner.

Dealership owners are required to report back to the manufacturer and expected to meet stringent performance standards within the facility. This includes the service center and repair department. If the customer's needs are not met to their satisfaction, the dealership must answer to the manufacturer. This is something that an independent mechanic doesn't have to worry about, which means you're more than likely to receive better care and service at the dealership. However, simply striving to meet manufacturer's standards is not the only reason to bring your car to our service center.

The personal tie between you and the Nate Wade service center means a direct link to the manufacturer. Because of this, you'll be the first to know about technical service announcements or important safety recalls. Our trained and certified technicians will automatically check vehicle records every time you bring your car into our service center to check for any issues you may not be aware of. Service software is something not every local mechanic has access to, which means problems can go unnoticed until it's too late and requires another costly visit to the garage. When our service center resolves outstanding recalls during your initial visit, it saves you time and money and gives you extra peace of mind that your vehicle is in optimal shape.

Mechanic vs Dealership: Experienced Staff

One of the biggest concerns when you bring your car in anywhere for service is if the technician truly understands the detailed workings of your vehicle. When you bring your car into the Nate Wade Subaru service center, you'll find we already have an edge over independent mechanics. Our technicians are trained and certified by Subaru to work exclusively on their models. This means that when our staff works on your vehicle, they truly understand how your vehicle operates and what it needs to improve performance and longevity. Our technicians also engage in ongoing training to make sure they are well-versed in the latest repair techniques and informed of specialized changes in the newest models. What this all means is that when you choose to have your car serviced at Nate Wade Subaru, you'll save time, money, and the hassle of repeat trips to an independent auto repair shop.

Mechanic vs Dealership: Workmanship Guarantee

One more benefit to bringing your vehicle to the service center at Nate Wade Subaru is we have the ability to offer warranties. It's true that some local mechanics can offer guarantees on their repair and service but they often cannot match a warranty you'll receive from a dealership in terms of time or scope of work. If your vehicle is still under warranty, your dealer can perform many repairs for no charge. If your vehicle warranty has expired, the dealership can offer a guarantee on the work itself. Should the repair fail for any reason, you can have the repair fixed for free. Dealerships also offer warranties for all manufacturer recalls and service notices.

Another important point is that a warranty offered for service or repairs through a dealership often has a larger service area where the warranty can be honored. This means if anything goes wrong with your repair and you're out of town, you can go to another dealership and have it repaired at no cost. You won't find that kind of assurance from independent mechanics. Bringing your vehicle to the service center at Nate Wade Subaru means you'll have peace of mind that our certified, trained technicians know your car inside and out and have access to greater resources to keep your vehicle running at peak performance for years to come.

Get the Best Care for Your Vehicle From the Service Center at Nate Wade Subaru

No matter if you're looking to get routine maintenance done on your Subaru like an oil change or filter replacement or you're in need of something more major such as an engine replacement or brake service, you can trust the service center at Nate Wade Subaru. Our technicians are trained and certified by Subaru and know your vehicle like the back of their hand. We only use genuine OEM parts, accessories, and fluids as well so you can rest assured that your Subaru is getting the exceptional care it deserves. If you have any questions about the services we provide or you would like to talk to a technician about an issue your vehicle is having, stop by the service center at Nate Wade Subaru or contact us to set up an appointment. You'll find us at 1207 S. Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah.