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Subaru models have earned industry recognition for being built to last. While you shouldn't expect to have problems with the windshield wipers on a newer model, our authorized service center does see cases where windshield wipers aren't working properly. This could be simply from age or from physical damage. Whatever isn't right with your windshield wipers, we can help.

There are basically three main parts of the typical windshield wiper system. The switch and associated electronics talk to an electric motor that operates wipers on the windshield. Often, diagnosing where the problem is quick and easy for our factory certified technicians. Then it's just a matter of fixing or replacing the faulty components. Of course, we frequently see vehicles where a new set of Subaru approved windshield wiper blades make a world of difference.

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When it's time for a new set of Subaru windshield wiper blades, it may be tempting to stop by the generic auto parts store or swing through the appropriate aisle while picking up other things at the big box store. These common wiper blades may work, but we'd like to suggest a better way. Not only are the Subaru windshield wiper blades from our authorized service center priced competitively with generic alternatives, they're often of a much higher quality. That means they'll work better and last longer. Mention your old wiper blades next time you're in for basic maintenance like an oil change, and we'll have them installed in no time.

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Taking the best care of your Subaru is easy at Nate Wade Subaru. Our Express Service can handle most basic maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations quickly without an appointment. For more involved car repair, you may prefer to schedule an appointment conveniently online or over the phone. We also invite you to stop by our location whenever it's convenient for you at 1207 South Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

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Since no one has dealt exclusive in Subaru vehicles longer than us, it makes sense that no one knows Subaru engineering better. Our dealership service center is authorized by Subaru to take care of all things Subaru, and we're confident you won't find a better level of service for you and your Subaru. That's because, unlike independent mechanic shops, our state-of-the-art service center is staffed with highly experienced technicians who are consistently trained by the factory. Aside from knowing every inch of Subaru engineering, we'll also only use OEM and factory-approved parts, products, and fluids when taking care of your Subaru. Our prices are competitive with independent alternatives, and regularly updated special service offers help you save even more. Stop by for your next oil change and discover a better dealership experience with us at Nate Wade Subaru.

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