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Your whole day depends on your Subaru starting when you need it to. If you turn the key (or push the button) and this doesn't happen, it can be immensely frustrating. There are many different reasons a car might not start, and diagnosing them can be difficult. Fortunately, the technicians at Nate Wade Subaru have the knowledge and experience necessary to figure things out. They'll find the reason your car isn't starting, and then let you know what the problem is. They can also fix the problem, so that your Subaru can keep you going about your day.

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Why Won't Your Car Start?

As we mentioned, there are many potential causes for a Subaru that won't start up in the morning. The most common cause is a problem with the charging system. The battery itself could be dead, for example, or it could have corrosion on the terminals. Our technicians will clean the terminals if there's corrosion. If there isn't any, they will hook the battery up to a multimeter and see how much life it has left. If the battery isn't nearing the end of its lifespan, they'll look at other charging system components like the alternator, which charges the battery when the vehicle is running.

If it's not the battery or charging system, there could be difficulty getting the fuel from the tank to the engine. A bad fuel pump could cause this, as could a clogged fuel filter. You could even have an empty gas tank.

There are other potential issues, as well. A bad ignition switch or failed starter motor could keep your Subaru from starting, as could a broken distributor cap. Pinpointing the cause can require the help of a certified expert, and that's what you'll find in our dealership service center at Nate Wade Subaru.

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