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Have you ever gotten in your car and felt like something was off? Did it not smell quite right or maybe felt a little muggier than it usually does? These are a couple symptoms you might notice if the carpet in your vehicle is wet. This could be because of something as simple as having had a passenger with wet snow boots riding back from the slopes, or perhaps a child discarded a half-full juice box on the floor without telling you.

When wet carpet in your car is caused by these and similar reasons, we recommend a set of all-weather floor mats. However, if it's a mystery why the carpet in your car is wet, you'll likely want to do a little more investigating. Below, the experts in our authorized and certified Subaru service center look at five of the more common reasons the carpet might be wet in Subaru models. When it comes to solving this issue in your Subaru, don't roll the dice with some independent or franchise mechanic shop. Instead, stop by our service center at Nate Wade Subaru and discover a far better way to care for your ride.

Trust trained technicians when having the windshield seal replaced 

5. Door & Window Weather Stripping

It's easy to overlook, but your vehicle has a bunch of weatherstripping. This is that soft rubber type stuff that lines your doors, windows, and even sunroofs so that mother nature stays outside your vehicle. While the weatherstripping in your Subaru will last a very long time, it may not last as long as the rest of the vehicle. That means you could get leaks when it rains or when you go through a car wash. Sometimes, these leaks are apparent and easy to identify. But, other times, these leaks can slip by unnoticed until you start wondering why the carpet in your car is wet. In these situations, your best bet is to let the experts at an authorized service center take a look.

Replacing a heater core like this one is usually quick and easy for a trained technician 

4. Windshield Seal

While all the glass throughout your vehicle needs to be properly sealed, the windshield ultimately handles the brunt of driving demands. From the pitter patter of rain to the harsh rays of the summer sun, the seal around your windshield is ready for the long road ahead. However, Subaru models last so long that we occasionally see a windshield seal deteriorate enough to allow some rain or other moisture in. This is another kind of leak that often results in wet carpet.


3. Sunroof is Leaking

When you think of a leaky sunroof or moonroof in your car, you may expect to get drops on your head or otherwise deal with dripping from the roof around the opening. However, this isn't always the case and is even somewhat rare. That's because sunroofs and moonroofs have channels for draining water away and to the ground. If these drainage channels become clogged, the water can get inside. However, instead of simply dripping down from the roof, the water will typically find a path along the slope of the roof and make its way down to the floor.

An AC dryer like this one is one place you'll find condensation on a hot day 

2. The Heater Core May Be Bad

Did you know that most car heaters operate with the hot coolant from the engine? It does this by running some of the engine's hot coolant through what looks like a mini radiator with a fan behind it. This is called the heater core, and it's typically placed behind the dash above the passenger side floor. On older vehicles, it's common for the heater core to go bad and drop its contents on the front passenger side carpet. If this is the reason the carpet in your vehicle is wet, you may notice a slightly sweet smell and the leaked coolant usually has a distinct bright color to it.

1. AC Evaporation Drain Line

Water can also come from your vehicle's air conditioning system. That's because condensation happens when cooling the air. Think of the average iced tea glass sitting out on a hot day. Typically, this condensation is harmlessly diverted to the ground. However, certain Subaru models have been known to have issues with this drain getting clogged. The result is a backup of moisture that finds its way to the floorboards in your vehicle. It's more common for this problem to cause the front passenger side carpet to be wet, and fixing the problem should be quick and easy for the certified technicians in our certified service center at Nate Wade Subaru.

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