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The transmission is a critical part of your vehicle's drivetrain, and major transmission repairs can be costly. That's why it's important to maintain your vehicle regularly and have repairs carried out right away. We can help prevent minor transmission issues from developing into major damage at Nate Wade Subaru! We'll tell you below some important signs to watch out for that could be telling you your transmission is in need of service.

Transmission Shift Lever

5. Sight: Check Engine Light

If your transmission isn't quite shifting right, chances are the engine's computer or ECU (engine control unit) will notice long before you do. If the transmission isn't shifting to spec, the vehicle may display a check engine light in the dashboard. Not all CELs are actually related to the engine itself! Even the transmission, anti-lock braking system, exhaust system and catalytic converter are also monitored by the vehicle's ECU. Whenever you see a CEL on your car, get it diagnosed right away by a professional. They can help you understand the problem and prevent further damage from taking hold.

Dashboard Check Engine Light

4. Touch: Response Feels Sluggish

If you're just not getting the powerful response you expect from your car, the transmission may be slipping -- and you'll be able to feel the difference in the way your car drives. For example, if you press on the gas and the engine spins faster, but you can feel that the car isn't responding like it should, shifts harshly or even vibrates the whole vehicle, that can be because the transmission isn't engaging properly. You might need new transmission fluid, or a more involved service, to restore your vehicle's performance.

3. Sound: Grinding Or Clunking Noises

If your car has a manual transmission, and you notice a new grinding sound coming from the car while changing gears, you might need a new clutch disc or transmission fluid service. And if you've got an automatic transmission, and you notice a loud clunk when changing gears -- sometimes accompanied by a brief interruption in power -- that's also a sign that your transmission needs attention. And modern CVT automatic transmissions don't have gears at all, as they can adjust their gear ratio dynamically for the best economy and performance.

No matter what kind your vehicle has, a car's transmission should always shift smoothly and without excess noise.

Automatic Transmission Cutaway

2. Smell: Burning Smells

The transmission fluid helps to lubricate the motions inside the transmission. If the transmission fluid is worn out and needs to be replaced, it might not provide enough lubrication. That can allow excess friction and heat to build up inside the transmission, which can cause a burning smell. If you ever detect a burning smell in your car, be sure to get it checked out right away. Even if it's not a problem with the transmission, such odors can also be caused by critical failures in the exhaust system, brakes or other crucial parts.

1. Demonstrate Good Taste In Auto Care At Nate Wade Subaru

Taste is the only sense that doesn't help you identify possible transmission problems -- but we hope you have the good taste to trust the experts at Nate Wade Subaru to fix your Subaru. After all, since we use genuine OEM parts and our technicians have been factory-trained by Subaru in all the latest tools and techniques, nobody can take better care of your car or SUV.

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