Things to Know About Aftermarket Rims - Subaru Service Questions in Salt Lake City, UT

Thinking about adding some flashy new wheels to your ride? Subaru models enjoy some serious street cred, especially classic Forester models and just about any intimidating WRX STI. It's only natural to want to broadcast your style and personality a bit. However, doing this at third-party wheel and tire shops might not be the best choice for your beloved Subaru. We'll give you four things we think you should consider before upgrading your rims below.

Display rack of aftermarket wheels

4. Don't Stray From The Factory Size

Why does Subaru offer so many different wheel styles and designs in the exact same size, when there are so many rims available on the aftermarket if you want a different look? Because the size of the tires and wheels equipped on your vehicle are specifically chosen to work in tandem with the rest of the vehicle. All-wheel drive Subaru vehicles are especially sensitive to subtle changes in wheel and tire diameter. Their sophisticated drivetrain could be damaged if the wheel and tire combo you select isn't the correct size.

While you can go up or down in wheel size if you want to, you have to select the correct tire size to compensate. Otherwise, the ride could be off-balance, you might have clearance issues and the drivetrain is likely to sustain additional wear. And, changing the wheel size means the speedometer will need to be recalibrated.

New aluminum wheel

3. Avoid Style When It Could Cost You Safety

In order to fit certain wheel styles or achieve a certain look, third-party auto shops will use wheel spacers, induce dramatic camber adjustments or adjust the suspension so the vehicle rides higher or lower than it did stock. In general, these kinds of modifications can harm the vehicle by putting excess strain on the steering and suspension, and make it harder to operate the vehicle in a controlled manner. A Subaru new car warranty will generally not cover damage sustained to vehicles due to these kinds of modifications.

2. You Get What You Pay For

You might think you're just saving a buck, but purchasing cheap, low-quality aftermarket rims might not be the best idea for your budget in the long run. Poor quality cast aluminium wheels are prone to stress fractures, especially when paired with incredibly thin-walled tires which don't provide much protection from the pavement. So, do your homework to find which brands make quality wheels and which brands to stay away from.

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1. Chose OEM Instead

If you want to improve the look of your Subaru while maintaining performance and keeping your warranty in good standing, just come talk to the team at our service center! Nate Wade Subaru is the place to go for aftermarket performance and style mods for your Subaru. With a wide variety of OEM wheels to choose from, you can get the ones that appeal to you most and specifically built with your car in mind. We'll pair them with the correct tire so you enjoy the performance you expect from Subaru. We also have Subaru STI performance accessories that can stiffen, raise or lower your Subaru suspension while keeping it in factory spec. Subaru STI modifications don't just look great, they can make your vehicle drive better, too! Don't just settle for some flashy looks. Get dazzling, personalized style and the performance to back it up at Nate Wade Subaru.