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It's easy to accidentally leave your headlights or a dome light on and accidentally drain the battery in your Subaru. When something like that causes the battery to die, a simple jump start should be enough enough to get your Subaru up and running again without further incident. But if the battery keeps dying, it's likely due to a problem within your vehicle. On this service information page, you'll find six potential reasons, as well as how to deal with them.

Cold weather may make a battery hold less charge 

6. Extreme Temperatures

Batteries don't deal particularly well with extreme heat or extreme cold. In Salt Lake City, we often experience both extremes. If your Subaru has a relatively new battery, you may not notice the difference that these temperatures take. But if the battery is a couple years old, the weather may begin to take its toll, reducing the charge and making it harder to start. Parking in a garage can help a battery last longer, but it's best to have your car's battery inspected by factory-trained experts periodically when you're in for other general maintenance.

Enjoying a longer drive every once in a while can help your battery recharge fully 

5. Short Drives

The stereotypical image of an unethical used-car salesman usually includes a classic line: the car he's trying to sell you was owned by a little old lady who only drove it on Sundays to get to church a couple blocks away. But this kind of driving can actually cause battery trouble. The battery uses a great amount of energy to start your Subaru; while you're driving, it's replenished by the alternator. If you don't give the battery enough recharging time, it may slowly lose charge until it doesn't start. To remedy this, be sure to go on longer drives occasionally.

4. Parasitic Drain

Parasitic drain is what happens when an accessory draws power from the battery when the vehicle is turned off. Some parasitic drain is normal--without it, you'd have to reset your clock every time you turn your car on. But excessive parasitic drain can cause the battery to lose too much charge. If you suspect this to be the case, a technician at an authorized Subaru service center can look deeper into the wiring to try to pinpoint the problem.

Battery terminal corrosion could cause a loose connection between the battery and cables 

3. Battery Terminal Corrosion

The cables that connect your battery to the charging system and the rest of the car are attached to terminals on the battery. Over time, these terminals may begin to corrode due to reactions between the battery and the atmosphere. Corrosion appears as a white, blue, or green powdery substance caking the terminal, and it can cause the cables to have a reduced connection to the battery. You can clean the terminals yourself (as long as you disconnect the battery first), or head to the dealership if you'd rather not mess with the battery.

2. Bad Alternator

We mentioned above that the alternator charges the battery when you're driving. Without a properly functioning alternator, the battery won't be able to recharge. The solution to this is to have the component replaced. Fortunately, a bad alternator will often give out other symptoms, making it easier to pin down. It also runs the electrical systems when the vehicle is turned on. If your headlights, dash lights, radio, or other electrical components are flickering or have gone dark, the alternator is the likely culprit.

1. Old Battery

Batteries don't last forever. Sometimes a battery is simply near the end of its lifespan. No amount of trickery can make an old battery begin to hold more of a charge again. If the time has come to replace the battery, we recommend replacing it with a Subaru-approved battery for the best fix to the problem.

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