Things to Know When the Airbag Light Comes On - Subaru Service Questions in Salt Lake City, UT

The modern automotive airbag was a game changer for keeping everyone safe on today's hectic roads. These advanced safety features have been required for new cars in the US for some time now, and it's somewhat rare for us to see airbag problems with Subaru models. However, if you look down and see an airbag light come on, it's not something to ignore. Below, we look at five things we think are important to know about the airbag light in your Subaru. Remember, airbags reduce injuries and save lives every day, so if something is wrong with yours, be sure to have the matter addressed right away by factory-trained technicians at a certified dealership

In Salt Lake City, we're proud to be the nation's oldest exclusive Subaru retailer, and that means no one knows your Subaru better than the technicians in our service center. If the airbag light is on in your Subaru call us right away to discuss your safest options to have the issue fixed right the first time. After all, this is the safety of you and your loved ones we're talking about.

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4. What Does The Airbag Light Mean?

As is the case with so many warning lights in modern cars, it's hard to say exactly why your airbag light came on without further investigation. The most important thing to understand is that an airbag light means that the computer is detecting a problem within the airbag system. Now, this is a system that precisely deploys the airbags based on advanced sensors that detect the location and severity of the impact and much more. While the airbag light alone doesn't tell us exactly why it came on, the fact that you're seeing this light is a warning that the airbags in your vehicle may not deploy when needed.

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3. There Are A Variety Of Reasons Why The Airbag Light Might Have Come On

While airbag issues are rare for Subaru models, we often find that a sensor is to blame for the airbag light coming on. These are positioned throughout the vehicle and finding exactly which sensor is the problem requires a sophisticated diagnostic computer specific to Subaru models to determine. Other reasons that might be responsible for the airbag light coming on include a fault in the wiring, an issue with the car's central computer, or a fault within the airbag mechanism itself. Whatever the case, this is not a problem to take lightly.

2. Should You Drive A Car With The Airbag Light On?

While it's difficult to say for sure based only on the airbag light being on, it just makes sense to assume that the problem means your car's airbags might not deploy as they're supposed to. That puts you and your passengers at a far greater risk of injury. That's why we recommend giving our authorized service center a call right away to discuss your options. We understand that you have places to be and that your car is a big part of that. We'll be happy to discuss alternatives to driving with the airbag light on, including a loaner vehicle, to ensure that any issues you're having with your Subaru don't become an overwhelming inconvenience.

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1. Airbag Issues Are Best Handled At The Dealership

For a dealership service center to be authorized by the factory means meeting a host of demanding qualifications. That includes technicians who have been extensively trained by the manufacturer. Sure, your favorite independent mechanic might be a fair hand with a wrench, but Subaru engineering is unlike any other vehicle on the road. It's one of many reasons it just makes sense to leave airbag issues to the experts at the dealership. When it comes to your safety, it makes a big difference to drive away knowing that everything is exactly as it should be instead of paying a lot of money only to drive away with doubts.