Things to Know About Automotive Belt & Hose Replacement - Subaru Service Questions in Salt Lake City, UT

At Nate Wade Subaru, we strive to help everyone get the absolute most from their vehicle with affordable maintenance and service by our factory-certified technicians. In our experience, knowing a few things about your vehicle is the first step in saving money and always enjoying reliable service from your Subaru. Below, we look at four important things we think you should know about the rubber belts and hoses your vehicle needs to keep running at its best. If you have any questions, please give us a call, schedule a service appointment, or simply swing by our Salt Lake City Subaru dealership. We look forward to meeting you at Nate Wade Subaru.

Car engine serpentine accessory belt

4. Why Your Car Needs Belts & What You Should Know About Them

Virtually all gas-powered engines require at least one belt to drive various systems like the air conditioning, the engine water pump, hydraulic power steering, and others. On modern vehicles, these belts are engineered to last quite a while and there's usually just one serpentine belt. So, it shouldn't need to be replaced too often. When it is time to replace the belt, you may notice some cracking or other visible damage. The important thing to know here is just how important it is to have the serpentine belt replaced before it fails. Consider that the belt is spinning around all those pullies at an especially high speed. If it were to break, it's likely to do some serious physical damage under your hood.

The main serpentine belt might be the only belt you consider, but certain older Subaru models were equipped with a timing belt. This belt is responsible for ensuring the valves and pistons move in perfect time with each other. Timing belt replacement on these models is recommended at around every 60,000 miles or so. Check your owner's manual to know for sure. The important thing to know about this belt is that replacing it may be a major maintenance stop but failing to get it done in time puts your engine at risk of major damage if the timing belt fails.

Car heater hose that's gone bad

3. What You Should Know About The Hoses On Your Car

Typically, hoses throughout your car carry important fluids. Some of the more common hoses that eventually need replacing include the upper and lower radiator hoses, heater hoses, and brake hoses. The radiator and heater hoses carry the hot mixture of antifreeze and coolant while the brake hoses, or lines, carry the brake fluid necessary to stop the vehicle. Sometimes, a rubber fuel line will need to be replaced, but that's less common. And, as you might imagine, a failure of any automotive hose can spell disaster for the system that the hose was a part of.

Just like the belts, these rubber hoses will eventually need to be replaced, and that'll be part of the manufacturer's recommended maintenance. Some visual hints that a car hose needs to be replaced includes a bulging where it connects to something, abnormal shapes when the associated system is under pressure, and you might even see the beginnings of cracks. However, visual signs of a bad hose aren't always as clear as they are with a belt, so it's best to kick back and let the certified technicians handling things.

2. Don't Wait To Replace Bad Belts & Hoses

We mentioned the potential disaster of a serpentine or timing belt going out while the engine is running. The simple fact of the matter is that it's always better to catch a bad part before it fails completely. And that's especially true with belts and hoses. If a flexible brake line let's go, you could find yourself on the road without brakes. If a radiator or heater hose goes bad while your driving, it won't take long for the engine to overheat. At the end of the day, keeping up with these maintenance items is the key to affordable maintenance and the legendary reliability that Subaru is known for.

Automotive technician performing an inspection

1. Get Regular Inspections At A Dealership Service Center

As with any maintenance or repair of your vehicle, if you're not especially confident, it's typically best to let the experts take care of it. So, by simply following the recommended maintenance schedule at an authorized dealership service center like ours, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. That's because technicians will inspect and replace wear items, as necessary.

Did you know that Subaru maintenance and repair at our authorized service center is often more affordable than independent mechanic shops and those franchise service places? Check out our service coupons in the link below and discuss any concerns about dealership service you may have with one of our experienced service advisors. We look forward to showing you just how easy it is to take the best care of your ride at Nate Wade Subaru.