Sell Your Car in Salt Lake City, UT
We'll Buy Your Car!

We're looking for more used inventory at Nate Wade Subaru. When you're looking to put some money in your pocket and move on from your current ride, we'll buy it! Whether you want out of your current lease, you'd like to trade in your car for another one, or you just don't need that extra car in the driveway, we want to work with you! You'll find that our used car department takes pride in our no-hassle, no-obligation purchasing process. Just text (435) 261-9977 with some details about your Subaru, and we'll respond with a real offer! If you like the offer, bring your vehicle in for an inspection and get you your cash or the keys to your next ride!

Information We Need

Information We Need

  • Year, Make, and Model
  • Current Mileage
  • VIN Number
  • Current Condition (Damage, Tire Condition, etc.)
  • Any Pictures You Can Provide
What You Need to Bring In With You

What You Need to Bring In With You

  • Driver's License for All Titleholders
  • Current Vehicle Registration
  • All Keys, Fobs, and Remotes
  • Title (If Vehicle is Fully Owned)
  • (If Still on Lien) Account Number, Lender Phone Number, and if applicable, co-signer