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Save Money While Always Enjoying The Benefits Of A New Car By Leasing From Nate Wade Subaru In Salt Lake City, UT

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding new vehicle leases and Nate Wade Subaru would like to help set the record straight. One of the biggest problems with purchasing a new vehicle is that its value plummets drastically the moment you drive it off the lot. Not only does this hurt an otherwise sound investment, it also opens the door to the difficult position of negative equity. Leasing offers solutions to these significant issues while also saving substantial money on monthly payments. When leasing a new vehicle from Nate Wade Subaru, you are only required to pay for the portion of the vehicle's life specified in the terms of the lease. This allows for much lower costs up front than what comes with purchasing as well as far lower monthly payments. Most lease options also include maintenance which is another cost reducing aspect to leasing. Since it is rare for a manufacturer warranty to expire during a lease term, you always have a vehicle covered under warranty. Once the lease term expires, you will be in prime position to jump in the next big thing from Subaru without the hassle of negative equity or being stuck in a frustrating conversation regarding the value of your trade in. Leasing has come a long way and is now an excellent option for anyone who appreciates all of the benefits of always driving a new Subaru without the inherent downside of purchasing. The finance team at Nate Wade Subaru is among the best in the business so bring them any questions or concerns and start enjoying the world in a new Subaru.

Buying Leasing
Sizable down payment Money Down Less up front money
Higher monthly payment Monthly Payment Lower monthly payment (up to 60% lower)
Negotiated trade-in value Trade-in No trade in hassle or negotiation
Responsible for maintenance costs after warranty expires Warranty Less maintenance - typically always under warranty
GAP protection not included - added expense to purchase GAP Protection GAP protection included
Stagnant technology based on what was in effect at time of purchase Technology Technology obsolescence protection
No loyalty incentives Loyalty Lease loyalty incentives
Eligible for all dealer incentives Incentives Eligible for all dealer incentives
Potential negative equity if you sell your car before it is paid off Equity No chance of negative equity
Not required to maintain vehicle, but since you may eventually own it, why wouldn't you? Program Maintenance Responsible for program maintenance per manufacturers recommendation or you may be charged excess wear and tear
The negotiated price of a new vehicle is the same Vehicle Price The negotiated price of a new vehicle is the same
Insurance payments are the same Insurance Insurance payments are the same

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Nate Wade Subaru In Salt Lake City, UT Is A Nice Place To Do Business

At Nate Wade Subaru, we are proud to offer one of the largest selections of new Subaru vehicles with purchase and lease specials to fit nearly any budget. Those looking for a quality used or certified pre-owned vehicle will certainly find the right one in our huge inventory. Our knowledgeable sales consultants strive to provide exceptional service and stand above those who give the business a bad name. Getting the most out of a vehicle is easy with the help of factory trained technicians in our leading-edge service department. For those who enjoy performing their own repair and maintenance, our parts department is well stocked with genuine Subaru parts and accessories. Come see why Nate Wade Subaru is among the elite few dealerships to earn the Stellar Care award at 1207 South Main, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. Questions about leasing and anything else can be answered by our sales department at (888) 586-8323.