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America's Oldest Exclusive Subaru Retailer


Nate Wade Subaru Sales Staff

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  • Kirk Schneider
    (801) 355-7571

    Kirk Schneider is the owner and President of Nate Wade Subaru.
    Click here to view a message from him.  Send an E-mail to Kirk or Call (801) 355-7571

  • Rob Berman
    (801) 355-7571

    Rob is our Used Car Manager and a partner in the business. He has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 1976.  He searches the country every week to find the very best cars available to offer to our customers.  He is very particular about the vehicles he purchases, so you know you will get a good car or truck when you shop at Nate Wade Subaru.  He has a family of his wife and 4 daughters.  Rob's office is always open, (when he's in town), so pop in and let him know how pleased you are with your shopping experience here at Nate Wade Subaru. Send an E-mail to Rob  or Call (801) 355-7571

  • Nate Wade

    Mr. Nate Wade is the man who built the business. He started in the car business in 1953 and joined with M. Russell Ballard at Ballard Motors in 1956. Ballard Wade Motors became one of the first Subaru Dealers in the United States in 1969.  In the 1970's Nate bought the dealership from Elder Ballard and it became Nate Wade Subaru. Nate has always had the highest ethics in his business practices and he has passed them on to the current management team, (many of who have been here more than 25 years). That's what makes Nate Wade Subaru A Nice Place to do Business. Although Nate is officially retired, he still maintains an office here at the dealership and comes down quite frequently. Stop in and say hello sometime.

  • Brett Kassing
    General Sales Manager
    (801) 355-7571

    Brett is our General Sales Manager and he has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 1980.  He has been in Automotive Sales since he was 18 years old and he loves the business.  Brett and his wife have two sons, one daughter, and 11 grand children.  Brett will always do whatever he can to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your vehicle purchase, whether it's a new Subaru, or one of our many Pre-Owned cars or trucks of any make or model. Send an E-mail to Brett or Call (801) 355-7571

  • Neil Rowley
    Fixed Operations Manager

  • Marie Gutknecht

  • Pauline Andersen
    Office Manager

  • Shellie Bartholomew
    Finance Director

    Shellie Bartholomew has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 2005. She is married, has a daughter and a Beagle, named Bella Boo. She works side by side with our Finance and Accounting Department. She is a perfectionist! She demands orderly and clean deals. Her daily goal is to see what deals have funded, and then tries to beat that goal the following day. Having difficulty getting a hold of our finance department? Give Shellie a try. She will take on your question or concern right away.

  • Bonnie Johnson
    Office Assistant

  • Myra Perez

  • Stefani Hartwell
    Title and Licensing Clerk

  • Ken Howe
    New Car Manager
    (801) 355-7571

    Ken is our New Car Manager and has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 2003.  Ken is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.  He has been in sales his whole life and has been in the Automotive Industry most of those years.  He has a wife, two daughters, and infinite patience.  Call him with any of your New Subaru needs and he will see to it that you are 100% satisfied with your entire Nate Wade experience. Send an E-mail to Ken  or Call (801) 355-7571

  • Rob Edmunds
    Sales Manager

    Rob Edmunds has been in the car business since 2002 and understands the process and how to meet the needs of the customer. Rob is married and has two children. With a great attitude and customer first mentality, Rob is a great asset to our team. Feel free to contact Rob today with any of your vehicle needs. You will be glad you did.

  • Roger Bird
    Sales Manager
    (801) 355-7571

    Roger has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 2004.  He has been in Sales for 35 years and he loves the business.  He has a wife, four children, and 9 grand children.  Roger will always do whatever he can to make sure you are 100% happy with your vehicle purchase, whether it's a new Subaru, or one of our many Pre-Owned cars or trucks of any make or model. Send an E-mail to Roger or Call (801) 355-7571

  • Brock Kassing
    Sales Manager
    (801) 824-5507

    Brock Kassing has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 2004. He currently serves as one of our Sales Manager's. He is married with three children. Contact Brock Kassing today via email or by phone at 801-824-5507.  You'll be glad you did.

  • Nick Poulos
    Finance Manager
    (801) 355-7571

    Nick has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 2004.  He has been in Automotive Industry since 1984 and comes from a family of Automotive Sales Professionals.  His Father is the late Steve Poulos, who worked in sales his whole life.  Many of you may have known him.  Nick is known as "Nick the Greek" and is a proud member of the Greek community.  You will see Nick each year, cooking at the Greek Festival.  Nick is willing and very able to take care of all of your Finance needs.

  • Paul Burt
    Finance Manager
    (801) 355-7571

    Paul Burt has been with Nate Wade Subaru since December, 2011. Paul has been in the car business for 23 years, 15 of them serving as a Finance Manager. Paul is married and has five children. Like everyone at Nate Wade Subaru, Paul is here to make sure you have the very best car buying experience possible. Feel free to call or email Paul with any questions you may have.

  • Fred Southwick
    Business Manager

    Fred Southwick is a great addition to the Nate Wade Team! He has been in the car business since 1983, the majority being spent in Northern California where Fred is from. He has been in Utah for a couple years now and we are fortunate to have him on our staff. Give Fred a call or send him an email today. You'll be glad you did!

  • Dave Waltman
    Sales Professional

    Dave Waltman has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 2007. Dave has an extensive background in sales and will treat you with respect and courtesy throughout the entire sales process.

    Dave is married with two daughters. He loves to play squash and golf. As a former state squash champion he will probably invite you to play a game!

    Give Dave a call anytime at 800-235-7571 or at his direct line 801-520-7877. You can also email Dave today at .

  • Tony Swartz
    Sales Professional
    (801) 355-7571

    Tony has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 1998.  He has been in Automotive Sales for twenty-five years.  He has a wife, five children, and 9 grand children.  Tony will always do whatever he can to make sure you are 100% happy with your vehicle purchase, whether it's a new Subaru, or one of our many Pre-Owned cars or trucks of any make or model. Call (801) 355-7571

  • Richard Beeler
    Sales Consultant

  • Mario Tonel
    Sales Professional
    (801) 355-7571

    Mario Tonel has been in sales since 2000 and with Nate Wade Subaru since 2004.  He has earned the Subaru Gold Level award for new Subaru Sales.  Mario has EXTENSIVE product knowledge and he will make every aspect of the buying experience a joy.  Contact Mario by e-mail or by phone at (801) 355-7571.

  • Lamar Moody
    Sales Professional
    (801) 355-7571

    Lamar has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 1993.  He has been in Automotive Sales for over 25 years.  He has a family of a wife, 2 children, and 6 grand children.   Those who have worked with Lamar know how nice he is.  Come in and see Lamar for a wonderful car buying experience.  Call (801) 355-7571

  • Carla York
    Interent Sales Professional

    Carla York is a member of our Internet Sales Team. Although new to Nate Wade Subaru, Carla is no stranger to the car business...or Subaru. With nearly 20 years experience, the majority being with Subaru, Carla brings, not only a wealth of knowledge to the dealership, but brings her kind, warm personality to assist you in your next vehicle purchase. Give Carla a call or send her an email today. You will be glad you did.

  • Eric Lithgow
    Sales Professional

    Eric Lithgow joined Nate Wade Subaru in September of 2009. He has been selling Subaru vehicles for over 15 years and we are excited to have him as part of the Nate Wade team. Eric has a great knowledge of the Subaru product and always provides the highest level of customer service. Feel free to call him anytime or click here to send him an email.

  • Chuck Sparks
    Sales Professional

    Chuck has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 2004.  He has been in Automotive Sales for 39 years.  He has a wife, 3 children, and 3 grand children.   As with all our Sales Professionals, Chuck will treat you the way you would like to be treated.  He understands, and lives by the Golden Rule.  Send an E-mail to Chuck or Call (801) 355-7571.

  • John Westover
    Sales Professional
    (801) 355-7571

    John has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 1996.  He has been in Automotive Sales for 14 years, but has been in sales most of his life.  John has a wife, 3 children and 7 grand children.  He will always be attentive to your wants, and needs, and do whatever he can to put a smile on your face.  Call (801) 355-7571

  • Nick Westover
    Sales Professional

    (Hablo Espanol)

    Nick Westover is a member of our Sales Team here at Nate Wade Subaru. Nick has over five years experience in the car business and will do everything he can to help you find your next vehicle and make the process enjoyable. Nick is also fluent in Spanish. Click here to email Nick now.

  • Manny Flores
    Sales Professional

    (Hablo Espanol)

    Manny has been with Nate Wade Subaru since 2010. Although, he may be new to our team, he is not new to the car business. Manny has sold cars since 1994 so he knows how to take care of customers and he is excited to be a part of the Nate Wade team.Contact Manny today! You will be glad you did.

  • Robb Patterson
    Sales Consultant

    Robb Patterson has been in the car business since 2011 and we are excited to have him on our team. Robb's "no-pressure" approach and helpful personality makes him one of the easiest Sales Consultant's to work with. Give Robb a call today and he will be ready to assist you in the search for your next vehicle.

  • Lane Wagner
    Sales Professional

  • Nick Smith
    Internet Sales Professional


    "Nate Wade Nick"

    (Hablo Espanol)

    Have you ever heard the term Needy is Creepy? People who need things tend to act a bit creepy. They will try and get you to perform in a way THEY want and it gets really uncomfortable. Have you been to a retail location where sales people are circling like vultures for their next victim? You will never experience that with Nick! That is his personal guarantee.

    Nick is OK if you NEVER buy a car from him! That doesn't mean he wouldn't love it if you did buy a car from him, it just means he hopes you will give him a chance to fill your automotive needs and if he can't, that is OK. Whether that is financing, searching, buying a car outright or just plain information gathering, Nick would like to be your go-to-guy for anything you need to fill your automotive needs.

    So if your ready, Nick would like to show you what he is capable of and give you the best car buying experience of your life. Follow Nick on his personal blog at

    Hablo Espanol.

  • Dustin Marriott
    Internet Sales Manager

    Dustin Marriott is our Internet Sales Manager. He is married with two children. With years of experience in customer relations, Dustin is sure to make your vehicle purchase a smooth, stress-free transaction. Dustin is also our resident Apple Specialist/Enthusiast, and keeps all of us up to date on everything Apple. Give Dustin a call, text or send him an email will be glad you did!

  • Craig Simpson
    Sales Consultant

    Craig Simpson brings over 40 Years experience in the car business, 24 of those years, with Subaru. Craig's wealth of knowledge and experience in the business is the perfect match to help you find your next car. Give Craig a call or send him an email today!

  • Adam Curry
    Sales Consultant

  • Mike Johnston
    Internet Sales

    Mike Johnston is a member of our Internet Sales Team. He has three amazing kids and loves to compete in triathlons. Give him a call today!

  • Carli Claflin
    Outreach Coordinator

  • Daniel Claflin
    Delivery Specialist

  • Josh Kelly
    Internet Sales

    Josh is married with 2 kids loves the outdoors. He is a huge Utah Jazz fan. Josh always give his customers a no pressure, low hassle buying experience. When you buy from Josh you don't just get a new car, you get a friend for life.